Apple has announced updates to the iMac desktop line-up, with adding ultra-high resolution 4K Retina screens to its 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs. Larger iMacs are also getting improved graphics abilities and a later kind of Intel processor called Skylake. Those displays now show a 25% greater variety of colors, making photos look more comprehensive and eye-poppingly vibrant. When you look at these new iMac screens, greens and reds in particular look brighter or more vibrant, like somebody turned up the saturation dial to 11. With 25% more colors to work with, there’s also new detail because the monitors aren’t removing certain hues.


 The company has also released long unpaid updates for the Magic Mouse, Wireless Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad accessories. . For the first time since 2010, Apple redesigned its Magic line of keyboards, mice and trackpads to do a few more tricks, like recharging with the same lead used by the iPhone. The iMac’s new input devices solve a problem with past Apple keyboards, mice, and trackpads: having to continually throw out their batteries. The new models have sealed rechargeable batteries that you juice up using the same Lightning plug as an iPhone. Apple reports that all three accessories can go for about month on a single charge, and the mouse can give you a nine-hour days’ worth of clicking and pointing with a two-minute charge. The trackpad and keyboard also look a little different. The keyboard takes up a bit less desk space and angles up slightly less, which felt comfortable for wrists. The trackpad is 29% larger. It now takes advantage of Force Touch that Apple built into its latest OS X El Capitan and laptops. To take advantage of the new screens, you need images or video saved in a format called DCI-P3. A big, attractive monitor is the iMac’s greatest improvement, and its latest version is the kind of tech you will appreciate it.