Do you know when was the original portable computer launched to the market? What about the first smartphone every invented? And whether or not you’re a fan of Apple computers, you must hand it to them… they were there at the most revolutionary moments in mobile computing, in most cases taking the roles of pioneers! These are just some of the revelations that you’ll come across while scrolling down this infographic, which overviews the intertwined evolution of mobile computing devices.

How far we’ve come in just a little over 30 years! To think that only 15 years ago laptops were an expensive luxury that only rich business people could afford… nowadays everyone owns a laptop! Not to mention smartphones, which are getting to the point where they are fully featured and powerful computers that fit in a pocket. Where do we go from here? No one really knows…but if you’re looking for some perspective on how far we’ve come, this should provide a good illustration:

evolution of portable computers

This infographic is presented by Dom’s Tech Blog, and we hope it has blown your mind!