The arrival of OS X Mavericks yesterday during the opening keynote of WWDC 2013 by Apple brought many improvements already discussed above, and today I want to bring a thought out loud after realizing shock “suspicious” on the web Apple.

The Cupertino Company usually make available to users to download new wallpapers impending operating system and this time we have encountered a giant-resolution download, read twice as wide and high as the latest iMac: 5,120 × 2,880 pixels. Is this a format ready for new devices that Apple has in the oven?

Now it’s up to receive Retina Display iMac

As we have discussed the current 27-inch iMac has a native resolution of 2,560 × 1,440 pixels, significantly exceeding the limit Full HD (1080p) who stays at 1,920 × 1,080 pixels. However, the resolution at which the wallpaper is available Mavericks goes up to double both the width and the height of the native resolution of the current iMac.


A current monitor 27-inch iMac has a resolution for display on 1:1 correspondence fourth part of that image and that’s what they show us that Apple could be applied to future iMac screen Retina Display technology already step gave his iPhone to iPad and MacBook Pro and could make the jump to the desktop or maybe Apple Cinema Display to their screens.

Display prepared to spare for 4K

It is clear that if a 27-inch screen resolution had that talking about a pixel density of 217 ppi, something not crazy for times.

Now, what graph looks capable of running demanding 3D applications with this number of pixels on the screen? We speak more than 14 megapixels on a screen of that resolution, away from the 2 megapixel resolution Full HD or 3.6 megapixel resolution current iMac.

We recall that the native resolution is 4096 × 2160 4K so, a screen with the resolution of the image that Apple has released could show 4K native resolution content and even still have room to show menus and toolbars.