In this technology world, everyone have computers in their home. Computers often need repair service due to any sudden problem occurrence. So, in this article I will explain some questions which you should ask a computer repair service before calling them to your home or business location.

  • How much charge per hour?

The very first question you should ask right away is how much your service will charge per hourly. There are numerous stories of customers who get amused and shocked after getting the hourly rate bill for the service. So, it is best to ask first about the hourly rate charges.

  • How many hours it will take to fix?

The next question which you should ask is how many hours this problem will take to fix. No one will be ready to pay half amount of the total cost of the system for repairing. So, it is better to ask about the billable hours. If your system need any hardware replacement or software installation, then you can get the exact duration of the problem to fix. But, in some cases it is difficult to give timeframe to solve the problems.

  • What is the minimum charge of your service?

It is not mandatory that your computer problem will be solved in hours. If your problem can be solved under 10 to 20 minutes, then you must know the minimum charging amount for the service. Most of the computer repairing shops charge 1 hour labor to the problems which take 1 hour to solve or less than one hour. But you can also get the minimum bench mark to be half prized of the 1 hour charges for the services.

  • Is there any extra charges except hourly charges?

It is not common for any computer repair service to have hidden fees in their services. But, it’s best to ask before to be in safe side. But if your system needs any hardware replacement, then it’s compulsory to pay for the hardware.

  • Any guarantee of your service?

Another common but important question ask to any computer repair service center. If you are having issue like cannot find .dll files and the computer got repaired, then you might not want to get the same problem in near future. Most of the service centers provide 30 to 90 days of guarantee for their repaired system.

  • Files will be saved or not in the system?

Our computer contains collection of memories of our lives and no one want to lose them. So, it is important to ask computer repair service center that your files will be saved or not. The most probably answer will be positive. But if there are any serious implications with your hard drive, then your files have to be lost forever.

  • When to pick up my computer?

The last but not the least question is to ask for how much time this process will require to make my computer working perfectly. The most probably answer will be that you can pick up your personal computer in next 24 to 48 hours.