Computer is complicated machine to run and often different problems occur with the computer. If you tried a lot to fix the problem and planning to call any repairing service, then hold on. In this article, I will discuss top 5 simple fixes for most of the compute problems. Before spending money on the repairing of your system, my suggestion is to at least try all the possible ways to fix it yourself. If you can save money by fixing it yourself, then why to spend on any technical support man.

  1. Restart Your Computer

restart your computerI know you will be amused to read the first step, but according to my experience for many issues there is a simple solution available to restart your personal computer. The tech staff don’t have magic touch to fix your computer. Sometimes computers encounter any issue which can be resolved simply by restarting the system. The restarting of the system will clear the RAM of your system. If your problem is not solved yet, then try second solution.

  1. Clear Browser Cache

clear browser cache

The second solution is to clear all your recent browsing history from your browsers if you are facing any problem regarding internet. The removal of the history from your favorite browsers will fix many problems regarding internet. Cache clearing is easy task to perform in every browser. Just need to penetrate towards few options and all done.

  1. Scan Your PC For Viruses

scan your pc for viruses

If your system is infected by any malware program, then the best way to solve this issue is to scan your whole system for viruses. The best way is to scan your computer through any antivirus program which will detect the malware programs and will allow you to delete them. Virus infected computers often become sluggish and error messages start appearing time to time along with frozen windows error.

  1. Re-Install The Program That Is Causing Problem

Another possible solution which you must try before going to repairing shop is to re-install the program which is encountering problem. Most of the computer problems are related with the software programs. The computer problem start after running, using or closing any particular software. Due to such software programs, the whole system become useless. So, the best easy solution to the problem is to reinstall the program from scratch. You can reinstall the program by going to add or remove programs in windows operating system.

  1. Delete Browser Cookies

The last but not the least fix to your computer problems is to delete your browser cookies. They are not real cookies but tiny files which can cause problems while browsing internet. If you are encountering problems in logging into websites and you have seen error messages which are not commonly seem to be seen by any other normal computer user, then you must try to clear your browser cookies.

So, the aim of this article is to encourage you to tackle situations yourself instead of paying hundreds of dollars to the technical treatment of your system. If there are any other simple fixes which you can done to your system, then share them in comments below.