Electric bikes have taken over the US metro hubs. People can be found on an electric bike with fat tires from San Francisco to Portland to New York City. As more people opt for Eco-friendly two-wheel solutions, electric bikes with fat tires are the future. The world is catching up with this trend. Many cities are investing in creating an infrastructure that is more pedestrian-friendly, offers bike lanes, and offers bike share programs. Thus, the transportation industry is gearing for an electric bike future. Besides, there are many advantages of using electric bikes. They help improve our environment and enhance road safety.

What Is An Electric Bike?

Generally, an electric bike is just like a bicycle. However, it is fully equipped with a control system, batteries, and a motor. It has emerged as a mobility alternative that will radically transform future cities. As there is a growing need for urban commute-friendly vehicles, electric bikes play an integral role in promoting a commute-friendly environment. Cities have become denser and traffic is a major issue. Thus, city planners believe that electric bikes will help shape the future of commute. Biking is simply a better option in many parts of the US such as San Diego, Washington DC, and Portland. Electric bikes have experienced an explosion in China and Europe. Global sales are forecasted to reach as much as 40 million units. Hence, people are switching to electric bikes.

Why Electric Bikes with Fat Tires?

Electric bikes that have fat tires are far superior to those that have normal tires. There are many underlying benefits of using fat tires. For starters, fat tires make it possible to travel a longer distance and tend to be more stable. This means that electric bikes with fat tires will quickly replace long-distance travels.

Smart Transport

One of the main reasons why governments are pushing for investment in the development of electric bikes is because it serves as a smart transport option for the masses. Cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam are at the forefront of the bicycle model. Cycling offers an effective means of transport that is both sustainable and CO2-neutral. In times of global warming, electric bikes seem to be the only way to go.

The Best Electric Bike with Fat Tires

If you are interested in getting the best electric bike with fat tires, you need to consider getting the little dragon. It uses superior technology to provide an alternative to commuting. Some of the benefits of the little dragon are mentioned below.

  • Made for all Weather and Terrain: With the little dragon, you never have to worry about the weather or terrain. Whether it is raining or snowing, you can ride it in all types of weather. You can ride it on sandy beaches and rocky mountainous bike trails.
  • Supercharged Battery: The little dragon uses the powerful 48 v 17.5 Ah battery which is ideal for reaching all destinations.
  • Anti-Theft/ GPS Tracking: You never have to worry about locating your bike or theft as the little dragon has a GPS tracking system.