As a business owner, it is important to keep track of your cash flow on various business necessities throughout the year. The act is not only useful to channelize your investments in the right order, but is also functional in cutting costs wherever possible. Do know that printing is among the most cost intensive tasks that a business can engage in. A printing service audit will help give an accurate assessment of the expenditure on print, copy and fax, which can further fuel the productivity of your business operations. Having a strong hold on how the office printer is being used will also help you keep a tab on your expenses.  Here are a few reasons why you need to audit your prints.

Saving costs

One of the most redeeming features of a print audit lies in its cost saving measures. By carefully examining the use of Printers and photocopiers in the facility, one can easily weed out inefficiency and high cost devices. This audit data will form the basis for developing a reliable new system of printer use that is efficient and less cost exhaustive. By implementing stringent control over the printer use and standardizing printer use, your business can potentially save thousands of dollars every year.

Environmental factors

The print strategy of most businesses usually revolves around the papers used in printers and photocopiers. Apart from the paper, these devices also use ink and electricity. Once you identify the key problem issues, you can then take corrective measures or replace the units altogether with more efficient ones. A good print strategy can also help keep track of the unnecessary prints by targeting the aspects of the enterprise or the employees who take maximum prints through print audit software. This information can then be the basis for setting up authorization for large scale prints, thereby keeping track of every printed paper effectively.

Save time

Increased efficiency of the printers and copiers will not only Conserve Paper and electricity but will also help save the most important company asset- time! A well-managed print service will help reduce the load on the systems, thus ensuring optimal work load efficiency on individual print equipment. This reduced time frame will quickly add up to a significant amount of time saved. Streamlined document flow and other time saving strategies will also seep into other aspects of the organization, thus improving the overall work efficiency of your establishment.

Improved security

A uniform print strategy necessitates the implementation of audit software to keep track of the number of prints produced by each printing unit. This software is also useful in protecting user data, including password protection for specialized operations on the printer such as taking a color print, blocking certain employees from accessing the printers, etc. The ability to monitor and scrutinize even minute aspects of the printer use will ensure that the printers are not being compromised on a regular basis.

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