In the microphone working circuit, the audio output only needs to connect the loudspeaker to SPOP and SPON. When using the SPI bus mode, the MD of the LD3320 must be set to high level, and the SPIS will be set to a low level. The SPI bus pins are SDI, SDO, SDCK and SCS. INTB is an interrupt port. When there is an identification result or MP3 data is insufficient, the interrupt will be triggered and the MCU will be notified to process it. The RSTB pin is LD3320 reset and active low. LED1, LED2 as the power on indicator.

In this paper, we discuss the feasibility of voice integrated circuit speech recognition system design based on AVR microcontroller, and give the design scheme. The test results show that the system has the advantages of stable circuit operation, high speech recognition rate and low cost. At the same time, with the help of MP3 playback function of LD3320, the system is interactive and entertaining. As for portability, the system can easily transplant the LD3320 driver to various embedded systems by simple modification.

With the demand of artificial intelligence, speech recognition and sound integrated circuit technology will be paid more and more attention. It is believed that speech recognition and sound integrated circuit will have a wider application in the near future.

16 Fault Diagnosis of BM8300 Voice Module and Circuit Board

The system is equipped with a special Premier operating software. The test items used in the system can be operated and used at the same time. According to the requirements, the test work-flow is established, and the test data of each step of the tester is recorded to form a valuable standard test program.

Test Flow converts the fault location of sound integrated circuits and circuit boards into a step-by-step standard program that reduces measurement inaccuracies and records all measurement parameters. Technical engineers can write a standard test program by themselves or be specific to it via Test Flow. The engineers can also add circuit diagrams or actual circuit board pictures, or even add some instructions to help the testing work. Semi-skilled engineers only need to follow instructions and diagrams to operate the equipment step by step to complete all the testing Work.

Next comes the advanced test module (ATM) for voice integrated circuit testing. The audio integrated circuit function test module has 64 measurement channels and can provide a variety of measurement functions. The module is an upgraded product. It is an advanced test programmable sound module for audio integrated circuit test. The system provides more comprehensive and accurate information. The test conditions are richer. The input voltage and current of simulation test can be self-contained between-10V~+10V as needed. It has been defined that the output level of the detection can also be defined by itself. 6500 module can better detect the components outside the test library, and realize the circuit board simulation test more convenient and fast.