Electric fireplaces do not just add beauty to your living room, they perform several other functions. One of those functions is keeping you warm on days that the temperatures are low.

But here’s a mind-boggling question. How do these electric fireplaces work? Funny how there is no actual fire. So how come they still give off the ambiance and warmth that you get from wood-burning fireplaces?

If you have these questions on your mind, then you picked the right article. We have answers to your questions in this post so read to the end.

How do electric fireplaces emit heat?

The first thing you should understand about electric fireplaces is that they were invented for ease. You are supposed to have a simpler life with them. As a result, they do not work with real fires. This means that there is no gas or smoke byproduct.

All you need to do is plug in the fireplace into a power outlet like other electronic appliances. After this, simply press the power button to turn it on. The fireplace heats up your room using any of the heating elements available. The most common heating element is infrared technology that converts electric energy into heat.

Different models are a little different in how they operate. However, the mechanism requires the fireplace taking in cool air from the surrounding. They heat this air then push it back to the environment gently.

Electric fireplaces can emit sufficient heat that will warm rooms up to about 400 square feet. In some cases, the fireplaces can heat larger rooms. There is a bonus when you make use of electric fireplaces. You are able to retain all the heat in the room since there is no need for a chimney.

Asides the energy efficiency of electric fireplaces, you also enjoy another kind of efficiency. This efficiency is based on the supplemental zone-heating strategy. With this energy, you are able to heat specific square footage rather than the whole house.

This means that you are able to save up to 15 percent on heating costs by lowering the thermostat. As a result, you only heat the room where you are spending time.

Another major benefit of using electric fireplaces is that you get to enjoy temperature control. Regular wood fireplaces do not come with temperature controls. With electric fireplaces, there are thermostats.

The thermostats are very easy to use and manipulate. Since there is a wide temperature range, you can decide how much heat you want per time. In some models, it is possible to put on the flames without having heat. This adds to the beauty of your home even on warm summer nights.

Can you convert an electric fireplace into gas?

The answer to this question is a straight NO. Why? Because of safety concerns.

A gas fireplace needs vents that will travel to the outer part of the house through the wall. Since electric fireplaces are designed to be emission-free, they don’t come with such vents.

On the other hand, it is possible to convert a regular wood or gas fireplace into an electric one. However, to achieve this, you’ll need to consult professional help. Such individuals will make the necessary modifications and ensure efficient installation.


With all this said, you can experience the blessing of an electric fireplace. Understanding the mechanics of this appliance, you’ll enjoy the benefits better. There are several supplies of electric fireplaces and you can even order one online.

If you have any concerns, it is best to consult with a professional. However, note that it is completely safe and environmentally-friendly to use electric fireplaces.