If you are a college student, the scanner is an essential thing for you. You may need to print your assignments, official slips or copy notes for study purpose. In any of the case, the scanner is needed. Nowadays, many colleges have printout facilities available, but they usually charge more than the cost and you may save more if you do extensive printing. If you need a scanner for home use, you must be looking for a scanner which runs smoothly in the long run, so you don’t need to replace it often. Office users require a scanner that is fast and reliable, so it saves their time. In any case, the cost is one of the important things and you need to read this guide thoroughly, so you end up buying best scanner for your college life.

Most people avoid buying their own printer because they are irritated with the need to replace the cartridges. Replacing them with new ones or filling them is always a difficult thing to do. However, nowadays there are many printers that feature cartridge-free printing. They use refillable ink bottles that need to be filled once in a year or two. This had made using the printer very easy because an office user can keep cartridges with them as they use printer extensively, but a home user uses his printer occasionally, and he face this problem a lot.

If we talk about technology, many scanner now come with built-in WiFi, so you can print directly from your laptop, iPhone, or Tablet. If you are an Android user, you need a version newer than KitKat to use this feature. This means that you don’t need to keep USB wires with you all the time and printing is made easier. Many people use Cloud storage services nowadays and not prefer storing work physically anywhere. Printer manufacturers are aware of this, and new printers are up to date to integrate themselves with cloud services. Android users can print using Google Cloud, while “Air Print” facility is available for iOS device users. Some printer manufacturers have their own cloud services for printing, so you can use them anywhere. Printing is made easier by giving you options to print directly from Instagram, iCloud, WhatsApp, or Facebook. In short, modern printers are way smarter than their ancestors used to be.

Many people use Scanners and printers at the home and they don’t see portability as an important factor. However, some people need to use printer all day and for this purpose, they need a portable printer. Best printer for home and office is one which is small, light, and is easy to carry, so you can easily move it from one place to another. There are battery powered printers which enables you to print without the need to look for sockets. According to reviewscon.com, these type of printers mostly helps in travel, as they can be used anytime and anywhere.