You might agree with the fact that consumer electronics and gadgets have become a vital part of our daily lives. You know how difficult it becomes to spend an entire day at work in case you forget to take your smartphone along. Let’s give it an estimated count; there might be four smartphones and a couple of Android tablets in any family of four members only. As per this estimate, there are probably trillions of gadgets in the world. Moreover, people want to upgrade their electronic gadgets as per the trends in order to stay updated with technology.

But what about the previous electronics or phones that you no more use? Many would keep them in drawers for years and one day throws them in trash cans. But is there anything they can be used for? Yes, there are ways to deal with them in a better way and one of the ways is recycling them. But before that, you should know more about e-waste.

What is e-waste?

E-waste includes all the electronic items that are out-dated or which people stop using for certain reasons. Such devices include old TVs, mobile phones, stereos, VCR’s, and outdated computer technology. These things can be recycled or refurbished but only 20% of the entire e-waste on earth is successfully recycled and the remaining 80% often goes to the landfills.

Why should you recycle e-waste?

Most electronic gadgets contain components that are made of highly valuable raw materials. Recycling old and broken electronic devices can reduce the mining of such raw materials to manufacture new devices. Ryan Morrel from says that a great way to help the environment is by recycling your electronics. A majority of electronic devices are made of using substances like mercury, beryllium, chromium, lead, polyvinyl chloride, and cadmium. All these substances become more toxic when you stop using your devices. When old devices are dumped into landfills, these hazardous elements seep into the soil. As a result, soil, groundwater, and the air get highly polluted.

How can you recycle e-waste?

The process is really simple; you first require searching one of the best electronics’ recycling companies and contacting them to discuss the amount of e-waste you want to dispose of. In most cases, you can turn your e-waste into cash. Yes, you can earn money by giving away those old phones, other gadgets, and appliances that you’ve kept in your basement.

You don’t even have to take the electronic and technical scrap to their premises. In fact, you can schedule an appointment and the company will come to your place to pick up e-waste, whether it is your home or office.

After considering the rapidly and continuously increasing usage rate of natural resources, you should either donate your old electronic devices or sell them off to professional recyclers. The planet earth is already going through a hard time and it is our responsibility to conserve it for our future generations. So, they will also get the opportunity to use advanced electronic devices.