Samsung is aiming to stay a couple of steps ahead in the race for foldable devices by introducing one with an especially large display size when folded, compared to other Foldable Laptop from other tech brands. According to NotebookCheck, Samsung hopes that this feature will give them a competitive edge in 2023.

Samsung has been leading the way in foldable technology since 2019 when they debuted their original Galaxy Fold boasting a 7.3-inch tablet-sized display that can bend and flex with ease. After making several improvements over multiple generations such as water resistance, fast charging capabilities and S-Pen Stylus, Samsung is taking its ambitions even further with plans for an increasingly large model that looks set to exceed expectations!

Samsung is shaking up the tech world by introducing a 17.3-inch OLED foldable display panel by its own in-house Samsung Display subsidiary! This revolutionary device bends down to 13.3 inches when folded and promises an affordable price tag for users of this unprecedented technology.

HP is joining the foldable revolution, set to launch its Foldable laptop of this type in 2023 to compete with Samsung. With an expansive 17-inch display crafted by LG, you’ll be able to collapse it into 11 inches when on the go. There’s a showdown brewing between tech giants Samsung and HP, set to release their new devices around the same time.

Samsung was all set to launch the much-awaited 17.3-inch device in 2022, but it seems like we have to wait a bit longer before its release; with no clear reasons given for the delay. If its release had gone according to plan, the device would have faced off with rivals such as the ThinkPad X1 Fold Gen 2 and the Asus ZenBook 17 Fold in terms of portability and usability, offering savvy tech fans another option among folding laptops.

The cutting-edge ASUS ZenBook 17 Fold packs a whopping 17 inches screen, folding down to 12.6 inches supplied by BOE whereas the ThinkPad X1 FOld Gen 2’s 16.3-inch OLED display compresses into 12 inches, both offering flexible functionality in one amazing device!

Foldables are a luxurious technology, but large display models do not yet have the same level of demand. Prices for these cutting-edge devices can be quite high; with ThinkPad X1 Fold Gen 2 retailing at USD 2,500 and Asus ZenBook 17 Fold coming in at USD 3,500! According to The Elec, Asus and HP have each placed a large order of 10,000 flexible OLED panels from leading display manufacturers BOE and LG respectively.

Samsung’s device launch may have been postponed, yet they remain determined to power ahead – Increasing their orders of flexible OLED panels from 6 million up to 8.5 million!