In order to compete with the others, the laptop manufacturing companies are always trying to bring something new and unique in the market. After the Intel’s introduction of processors based on cores, this competition among the laptop manufacturers has further grown up.

Acer claims that its Aspire V7 is 9% thinner than its previous laptops and also has the latest Haswell processor of Intel. The laptop is made of aluminium which gives its body strength.

Display Quality

acer v7 display

The laptop runs the new Windows 8. The laptop has a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It has got a very cool and impressive display. Although Acer has worked a lot on the display of this laptop but it is nowhere comparable to the remarkable Samsung’s Activ Book 9 Plus display of 3200 x 1800 pixels or even the Apple’s MacBook with Retina display. Acer has to really work hard on the pixels if they really want to compete with the other titans in the market.

Weight of the V7 series

acer v7 weight

The 14 inch model of the V7 has got a touch screen which allows the user to swipe and navigate through the modern user interface of Windows 8. For those people who like to use mouse or track pad, a non-touch version of the laptop is also available. The V7 laptop with a touch screen has a weight of 2.0 kg and if you go for a non-touch screen laptop then the weight further gets reduced to 1.85kg. Because of its big size, the laptop appears to be heavy if you hold it in one hand but certainly carry it in your backpack.

Different ranges of V7 series

The V7 is available in three ranges i.e. having i3, i5 or i7 processor of Intel. The maximum RAM which a V7 can offer in 12 GB. The maximum graphical grunt of the laptop can be at most 4GB Nvidia GeForce GT 750M graphics processor. The laptop is available in a storage capacity range of 320 GB to 1TB. According the Acer, the laptop has got a battery of very fine quality and can run as much as eight hours on battery.

The keyboard of the laptop is quite responsive and there are back lights on the keys which emit enough light to make sure that you press the correct key while working in the dark. The web cam of the laptop is of 720p which means that you can record HD videos with it. There are also ports for USB 3.0, Ethernet and HDMI. The V7 series will be available in June with a starting price of €699.