The Transformer Book T100 is really a transformer ultrabook. It is a slate with a keyboard dock combo having the Intel’s new “Bay Trail” Atom processor inside it and runs the latest Windows 8.1. The market price of the T100 is just $349.99 which is quite lower as compared to its competitor devices like ThinkPad Table 2, Iconia W510 by Acer and also Surface Pro.

T100 is portable


The size of this ultrabook is just 10 inches which is quite reasonable. Its weight is just 2.2lbs which even lighter than the iPad 4. This thing makes the T100 quite portable and you can easily carry it with you and even your bag without creating any extra burden for you. The 10 inch size is quite ideal for a tablet but for a laptop, it should have been a little more. For adjusting the keyboard with the display, its size has been shrunk a little by Asus. The keys of the keyboard are a bit smaller but not as small that you might make typing mistakes while using it. The track pad of the T100 is not as good as it should have been. You have to tap a with somewhat more force for clicking which disturbs the balance of the device.

Buttons on the T100


 Some interesting changes have been made with the buttons as compared to the previous models. There is a button for adjusting the volume along with a Windows home button. By pressing the home button, you are switched back to the desktop or the tiles. The introduction of the home button is contradictory to the Windows 8 original design which uses software button for returning to the tiles and desktop.

Connectivity options for T100

There is one USB 3.0 port on the device which is powered and allows you to charge your USB devices by connecting to it. There are also ports for connecting microUSB and mini HDMI with it. Moreover, the ultrabook also has a slot for inserting a MicroSD card in it and can support up to 64GB of it. Sadly, there the device does not support LTE.

The display resolution is just 1366 x 768 720p. This is not the resolution which we as customers would want from such a high end device. But the colour performance of the device is quite good and solid and the viewing angles are also quite broad.