Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z500 is a sort of laptop which people actually like to buy. It is affordable and packs some great specs inside it. If you look at the recent sales chart of the laptops, you will find that IdeaPad Z500 is doing very well.

Why IdeaPad is unique

ideapad Z500

The Lenove IdeaPad Z500 is not like any old style laptop. This machine has got a multitouch screen which provides to the user another fantastic and interactive input method. Moreover, this laptop has also got the latest Windows 8 in it which makes the experience of using this machine even greater. It is a perfect gaming laptop. The extreme graphics quality which this machine provides has enabled it to compete the Gigabyte U2442F and Vortex III 680 in the market. In spite of these remarkable features, this machine costs quite low as compare to the other laptops offering this kind of specs. The Core i5 model of IdeaPad is available at just US $899 while the Core i& model is available for US $1,099.

The IdeaPad series has the newly released fourth generation core architecture based processor in it. The laptop runs at the core frequency of 2.2GHz and the envelope on the laptop is only 35W.

Graphics quality

The IdeaPad has got a discrete graphics unit inside it. The GPU of the laptop has 2GB DDR3 RAM and has 384 unified shaders while the core operating frequency of the GPU is 980 MHz. With this remarkable graphics core, Lenove has paired a 1366×768 pixel screen. Lenovo should have gone for the 1080p display but still it is very acceptable to the gamers.

The vertical and horizontal viewing angles of this machine are not very good. While using this the IdeaPad, you will have to be at a reasonable angle on the screen for the experiencing the touch screen interface of the laptop.

Ports on the IdeaPad


The remaining of the specs of the laptop are quite straightforward. There is a 1TB 400rpm hard disk in the laptop. There is also an optical drive in the laptop while the keyboard is very responsive and soft. The touchpad is of normal size and is very comfortable to use.

When it comes to ports, the IdeaPad has three USB ports along with a memory card slot. There is also an HDMI port so that you can connect your HD TV with your laptop. In simple words, IdeaPad has all that you want from a modern laptop at a quite low price than the other laptops.