We had the opportunity to try the Dell XPS 12 for a couple of weeks and I’m personally really happy with it. I say this from the start, because I could not let it go, I loved this device. Then we will see their strengths, but also the things that could be improved. Even so, I repeat, I personally think that this is one of the best devices with Windows 8 ecosystem.

Dell XPS 12

The Dell XPS 12 is a full-fledged ultrabook a revolutionary design. Yes, it’s expensive (the top model costs about 1,500 euros), but worth every inch of his frame as discussed below.

Surprising Design

The simple design is a standard ultrabook with rounded edges, perhaps excessively, causing him to lose aggressiveness. The great surprise we found when we realize that the screen is able to rotate on itself 180 degrees allowing the device turns into a tablet, thick and heavy with 1.54 kilograms, but fun.

Make the most of the main advantage of the convertible, as made ​​fashionable with Windows 8, the content creation and enjoyment ultrabook mode web browsing, games or apps in tablet mode. Perhaps some, like me, they miss the opportunity to completely remove the device’s screen to have a thin, powerful tablet, but the overall product is not designed for that, many technical specifications should be changed so that this idea possible. Just imagine a tablet with carbon fiber finish makes me want to have one.

The screen is well secured to a sturdy frame to rotate have to do a slight pressure with your fingers. Although the attachments work well sometimes consumers do not realize completely secure and although movement is still working properly and, above all, the non-recognition of traditional keyboard when in tablet mode can confuse a little.

Dell XPS 12

The materials are of the highest quality: the chassis of the Dell XPS 12 is made ​​of machined aluminum, but also incorporates a carbon fiber finish in both the front and rear, just great. Carbon fiber is a material as strong as aluminum but lighter and cool to the touch as well as being extremely clean.

The speakers on the sides offer a pretty good sound quality. Air vents for the fans are located at the bottom of the device, which offers advantages, but also disadvantages. The consumer hardly notices the heat released when the XPS Dell 12 operating at full power, but being supported on a surface is relatively easy to overheat excessively.

The backlit keyboard provides variable keys are very comfortable and are well positioned and trackpad also works well. No hits on this point, everything works great.

Bright Screen

The 12.5 inch screen is one of the strengths of this device. Full HD (1080p), yes, I repeat that is Full HD, a joy for many consumers of Windows 8. Personally I’m tired of finding many new devices in the Windows ecosystem whose qualities are mediocre screens, the difference between a traditional resolutions some are brilliant HD. Having a screen with this quality makes you want the user to use the device, play with the apps store or surf the web.

Dell XPS 12

Furthermore, like the sturdy chassis, the display is also thanks to Corning Glass Gorilla Glass incorporating side by side.

The brightness is more than adequate, with 400 nit intense, something to be welcomed, especially for someone who likes bright colors and glossy screens. The color management panel Intel is also a positive aspect, personally am a user viewing the vast majority of screens with Windows 8 ecosystem or low brightness or colors too dull, meet management panel I’m glad Intel color quite the experience.

All Power

Powerful, the Dell XPS 12 is a very powerful device. The high-end, we could try having an Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.10 GHz + 8GB of RAM. It also has a solid state hard drive of 256 GB and Intel HD 4000 graphics card.

The device runs Windows 8 64 bits of a fluid, note effort is not having to run complex tasks or heavy programs. The action in the game moves quickly, even without putting the fans to run at full power.

The default company has incorporated some very good programs to keep your device updated or solve problems. Unlike other brands that include in their devices lot of bloat ware or preinstalled programs mediocre, it shows that Dell has developed are quite useful and informative, even follow the basic principles of modern design from Microsoft.

The main problem with this product is the battery life 6 cell. Serious problem, rather Do not hold back anything; I have had the Dell XPS 12 without plugging in for more than 4 hours straight, it is literally impossible. Personally, it’s not something that I care too much, all the places that I get my device to work have outlets nearby, but if you need to take to class or download it to the park to continue with your work you’d better finish soon.



The Dell XPS 12 is a high-end device but with a price too steep. Although its technical specifications are well worth it, not all users may be spent over 1,500 euros in an ultrabook like this.

Among the strengths of the product found materials aluminum or carbon fiber, the brilliant Full HD quality display and powerful performance. In contrast, the weakest of all we find the very poor battery life, too rounded design and no possibility of extracting the entire screen for a true tablet.

I liked it, I liked it. Moreover, I would like to keep it, is a device that has replaced my lifetime ultrabook. I’m willing to try and XPS new generation introduced last week at the Computex 2013 ultra HD resolution screens + 4th generation Intel processors. Good job Dell!