Laptop screens are more resistant than ever to knocks and shocks, but the inevitable fact is that they are made out of a material which breaks easily. But if your laptop screen breaks you don’t have to buy a new laptop, you don’t even have to head to your local computer repair shop – you can replace the screen yourself.

Laptops are really easy to work on and even laptop manufacturers now recommend that you change parts yourself if they become faulty rather than sending your machine back to their service deport. The manufacturer will normally email you instructions on what to do and send out a replacement component – if the machine is still under warranty. So what do you do if the warranty has ended?

If the warranty on your laptop has expired there’s no need to worry a quick look online will reveal countless laptop screen merchants who’ll only be to happy to help you find an appropriate replacement.

How to buy the right laptop screen?

If your screen has broken the first thing you’ll need to do is find a direct replacement part. This is perhaps the trickiest part of fitting a replacement. And the best way to make sure you order the right component is to remove your existing screen before ordering so you can get access to the exact part number on your original screen.


Most laptops have the screen part number on the back of the screen’s panel and it’s easy to get to this if you know what to do.

On the face of the screen you’ll find a few screws, which are normally hidden by rubber bungs. Making sure the power cord is disconnected and the battery removed, remove these screws using a small screwdriver. You should then be able to prise away the plastic bezel which surrounds the front face of the screen. In most cases this is held by tiny clips which may also need to be removed. You’ll find that the screen will then be held in place by a metal frame which will require further screws to be removed so the rear plastic display frame can be disconnected.

With the plastic case out of the way you then have access to the back of the panel where you’ll find the part number.

Replacing the screen is easy. You just have to follow a few more steps to remove the old screen completely and then fit the new one.

Author Bio: Jonathan Cox regularly fixes broken laptops for family and friends. He earns no money from this venture, he just loves tinkering with computer equipment. He buys his replacement laptop screens from Accupart.