Amongst the many amazing features of windows 8, one is that it allows your battery to last longer. Windows 8 provides you a lot of options and simpler methods through which you can change the battery consumption plan of your laptop.

I will now explain you the different methods of making your laptop’s battery lost longer in Windows 8.

Windows battery life meter

Windows 8 allows you to check your laptop’s battery whenever you want. You can either go into the Lock screen to check your laptop’s battery or if you are on the start screen then the battery status can be checked by taking pointer to the right side of the screen and then going into the charms bar.  Moreover, if you are on the desktop of your laptop, then the battery status can be seen in the task bar.

Change the screen brightness

The screen of laptop consumes lot of power, so one quick way to extend the life of your battery is to decrease its brightness. For doing this, bring up the Charms bar and then select the ‘Settings’ charm.  Now click on the ‘Screen’ and a dragable bar will appear. By moving this bar up or down, you can quickly change the brightness.

Windows Mobility Center:

Another handy tool in Windows 8 for changing the battery settings is the Windows Mobility Center. Go into the start screen and then type mobility center and press enter. The Mobility Center will open. This program provides a lot of options for extending the laptop’s battery.

It provides three power plans, namely balanced, power saver and high performance. The power saver option takes your laptop into the power saver mode in which the screen brightness is decreased and the laptop screen will turn off if the laptop is not for a few minutes.

Create a power plan of your own choice:

Windows 8 enables you create a power plan of your own choice. Just select create new power plan from the power options on the left side of the screen. Enter the new plan’s name and adjust the power settings according to your own choice. Then just click on ‘create’ to finish.

 Advance settings:

If you think that you know your laptop well, then you can get access to many other options for changing the battery plan of your laptop. In the power options window, click on change plan settings and then simply click on change advanced power settings. In advanced settings you can even disable your USB ports or turn off your hard disk.

By following these steps you will notice that your battery life has extended a lot.