With the introduction the new 4th generation Haswell processor, the design of the ultrabooks has been changed completely. Theoutbreaks are now sleeker , thinner and lighter. The ThinkPad T440 is a luxury ultrabook and can have up to 12GB DDR3 RAM and Intel HD 4400 graphics.

Keyboard and touchpad design


The keyboard of the ThinkPad  T440  has been designed by keeping  windows 8 in focus. The keyboard is quite ergonomic and has got special buttons for multimedia,  LED status indicators, buttons for function lock capability and keys for immediate access to view your applications. The trackpad is quite large and smooth and has got 5-point click integration and is configurable through the settings. There is also a backlight in the ultrabook which is used for illuminating the keyboard in dark environments.

IPS technology in the display

The IPS technology has been used in the display of the device. The display resolution is 1920×1080 and displays colours with high brightness.The viewing angle of the device is as much as 180 degrees. The multitouch provides you the smoothest navigation option for interacting with your device.

The innovative roll cage technology has been deployed for adding strength to the shell. The top cover is made up of carbon fibre and the bottom cover is made up of magnesium and this thing adds extra strength to the device without adding extra weight to the device.


Dual battery


Two three cell batteries have been included in the T440. One of them is internal and other one is swappable.

The power bridge technology allows the user to swap the rear battery without powering off your device. This is a quite good innovation and will be a lot helpful for the people who remain mobile and need their ultrabook powered up all the time.

The ThinkTad  T440 is compatible with Near Field Communication. This provides an easy and a secure way for sharing data and allows you to link and pair your device with other networks by tapping the two devices.

The speaker of the ThinkTad  T440 has good audio quality and produce maximized volume output without distortion.

The integrated Webcam shoots HD video. Technologies like face tracking and keystroke noise suppression allows the user to do conference calls and chat easily.  There is also a dual digital array of microphones in this ultrabook which give you a premium audio experience.