With the arrival of Haswell virtually all manufacturers have updated their equipment catalog. Among them, the Spanish Mountain has introduced four new laptops and their families StudioMX Studio3D (StudioMX 154G, 174G and 154G Studio3D, 174G) with several interesting developments.

Not only much more careful but elegant. Updated the Intel Core i7 processors, add-4700MQ NVidia GTX 770M dedicated graphics and 765m in all cases act with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600. All configurations feature FullHD screens (regardless of size, 15 or 17 inches), 8 GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD (mSATA, manufactured by Toshiba) to give the system speed and 750 GB hard disk storage mass.

Mountain Laptop 2

Leaving aside the component updates – interesting, but updates driven by the evolution of technology – draw attention to what they call OneStep, a bay of 2.5 inches to the user. They promise through simple installation and support her five storage units Studio3D model, support multiple RAID modes.

Mountain Laptop 3

Good features on computers that are updated to offer the most cutting-edge hardware market. Prices are high, but interesting considering the components at hand:

  • Mountain Studio MX 154G: from 1,270 euros.
  • Mountain Studio MX 174G: from 1,281 euros.
  • Mountain Studio3D 154G: from 1559 euros.
  • Mountain Studio3D 174G: from 1571 euros.

These prices listed here – VAT included – are for the basic settings (i7-4700MQ, 8GB of RAM, NVidia GTX 765M/770M graphics, SSD + HDD, etc…) Though as usual also support extensive customization as needed user, including from better processors, more RAM or storage until NVidia Quadro graphics.