Samsung is a technological titan which produces mobiles, laptops, camera etc. The company always tries to introduce those products in the market which are up to date and are unique. The latest example of it is the Samsung Series 7 Ultra.

Body of the laptop


The Samsung Series 7 Ultra is made up of aluminium which gives its body strength and is light weight too. The two aluminium chassis of Ultra is surrounded by a glossy black bezel which give the laptop an elegant look. The corners of the laptop look great and stylish. The thickness of the laptop is just 19mm which makes it easy to handle and carry. Due to its slim size, you can easily place this notebook in your bag.

Good battery timing

Samsung has deployed a very heavy duty battery in Ultra. It has a much more life than the batteries of other laptops. Its battery last an impressive time of 7 hours and 42 minutes with the screen’s brightness set to half. It is almost two hours more than the Series 9 900X3D by the same company. So, you while you Ultra, you will be able to use it for the whole day without having need to recharge the battery.

Hardware of the laptop

The Ultra 7 comes with a 6GB RAM ins it. Samsung has not placed a gigantic sort of processor in this laptop as the laptop has only a dual core 1.8 GHz. The processor also has Turbo Boost which can take the processor speed to as much as 2.7GHz but it should be kept cool while doing this otherwise you might cause some harm to the laptop’s hardware. In our multimedia benchmarks, the laptop scored a reasonable score of 46 which is the same as we were expecting to see in this sort of processor. The processor becomes a little sluggish when it goes for multi-tasking but apart from that, the  processor is very fast and can run all the everyday applications and also those applications which require multi-threading.

A good thing with this laptop is that it has a dedicated graphics card in it. The graphics card is of 1GB AMD Radeon HD 8750M. In our Dirt Showdown test, the graphics chip showed a reasonable score of 31.1fps at an HD resolution of 720p. This score is excellent for a non-gaming laptop. The laptop will not be able to run the heavy duty games of today at the highest settings, but you will be able to cherish those games by keeping the graphics settings a bit lower.