ASUS never fails to amaze us with the variety it provides. The manufacturers have introduced premium and gaming versions and won the award for Best Design 2018. As the 4th ranked company, ASUS sits in the middle of the pack. In fact, the release of a super-thin gaming notebook surprised us, hinged with an NVIDIA Max-Q GPU. So if you’re, like us, a big fan of ASUS and own one of their notebooks, this post is totally for you.

Since a laptop is expensive to replace, it’s important that you take care of it properly and that’s where we come in. The life of your personal technology depends on how much you take care of it, including monthly maintenance, general cleanness, defragmentation of your hard drive and a lot more. A good laptop can be as powerful as you need it to be and the monthly maintenance makes sure that your data is protected and that you don’t face any downtime while working due to technical difficulties.

Here are some tips that can come in handy to expand the lifeline of your ASUS notebook.

Healthy Battery is the Key

ASUS made a post on social media, instructing people on how to expand the lifeline of the battery. Those tips are:

  • Keep at 40%-60%.
  • Do not overcharge your device.
  • Don’t wait for the power low alert, charge it whenever it’s under 20%.
  • Keep it ventilated so it doesn’t get heated up.

ASUS notebooks come with the asus notebook battery Health Charging application, to keep track of your battery’s health. In case of any trouble, you can always find a new battery online.

Screen Protection

Notebook’s screens are known to be fragile. In order to avoid any kind of damage make sure that you wipe your screen softly with only approved solutions. Don’t touch the screen with a pen or anything sharp, it might leave a scratch.

Shut it down

If you know that you might not need to use your laptop for a few hours then shut it down, don’t put it sleep or hibernation. Also if you’re traveling, we suggest that you remove any DVDs or CDs or flash drive that might be attached to your device.

Give it a break

Temperature swings can cause damage, slowly but permanently. Extreme temperature is never in favor of your device. If you’ve just brought your laptop inside after taking it out in the cold, give it some time to return to room temperature. Also, avoid keeping it out when it’s too hot.

Turn that lid down

Keep the lid down as much as you can. Not only does it protect the fragile screen but also limits sand from settling in your keyboard. You can also prevent your keyboard from getting damaged due to an accidental coffee spill.

All in All

The more you spend time and efforts on your notebook the more it will return. With the above tips, you can add years to the life of your ASUS notebook. Here’s a free bonus tip: don’t keep your laptop on pillows or blankets, insufficient ventilation can cause heat-up. Consider trying out other options, such as the dell laptop battery.