In today’s busy, fast-paced world, every second counts. So if you feel your Macbook Pro has been unusually slow recently, it is important to find a solution to speed it up. Those seconds that you spend waiting on an application to start will add up and eventually turn into hours of your precious time being wasted while waiting on your laptop.

So using these 5 easy helpful tips to boost the RAM for Macbook Pro is going to show you some effective ideas to double your laptop speed today. You can simply try them one by one to test which solution is the most effective in speeding up your Macbook Pro.

Cleaning Cycle

Here Comes The Top 5 Easy Tips to Speed of Your Macbook Pro

1. Manage Your Startup Applications

After using your laptop for a long time, restarting your laptop usually provides a fresh and faster start to run your applications smoothly. However, if you still notice your Macbook appears to be too slow even after a fresh restart, there is a chance there are too many Startup applications on your system.

Simply open System Preferences, and the accounts. Find your username and then look at the list of Startup applications. Remove all the unnecessary ones and only keep those you need every single time after you restart your laptop. This helps free up a lot of RAM on your Macbook.

2. Upgrade Your RAM

While 2GB of RAM is usually enough for normal activities on the Macbook Pro, if you frequently use applications that cause a heavy processing impact on your RAM – such as Photoshop, Adobe Premier, etc. – adding more RAM in your macbook pro will run your programs smoothly.

This may sound a bit obvious, but

3. Keep Open Only the Applications Your Absolutely Need

Every application that is running on your system is consuming RAM. So if you feel your Macbook is too slow, simply close the programs you don’t need right now. Even if you need them in 15 minutes, you can always open them later. Meanwhile you will enjoy a faster Macbook performance to save time. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the Activity Monitor in your Utilities folder, in order to find out which currently open programs are draining your RAM.

4. Clean Up Your Desktop

Did you know the items you keep directly on your Desktop affects your Macbook performance greatly? Since Mac treats every Desktop icon as a separate open window, having hundreds of folders and icons on your Desktop consumes a lot of RAM. So you can simply move them to another location and only include a shortcut on your Desktop for easy access.

Another factor is using an animated Desktop background. As much as it looks attractive, it also consumes a lot of RAM on your laptop. So you can simply use a static photo instead to free up your RAM and speed up your Macbook performance.

5. Use Mac Optimizer Tools to Speed Up Your Mac

There are several helpful Mac applications that help speed up the RAM for Macbook Pro – such as OnyX and CleanMyMac. These programs search inside your system files and folders and find unnecessary cache data that can be removed to increase the performance of your laptop. So you can simply use them occasionally to optimize and speed up your RAM.