Hoverboards are gaining more and more popularity. Everyone is thinking back to Marty Mcfly and his skateboard that hovered over land and water. What an exciting future that could have been. Unfortunately our civilization does not yet have the technology to make that happen, at least for a marketable price. The designers at Glidecraft have created the next best thing. We loved their popular version of the two wheel self balance scooter but they felt that consumers were calling out for something different. Lo and behold; the S600 model which consumers have named a one wheel skateboard or electric longboard. Now instead of moving forward and back the S600 moves side to side like a skateboard with the main wheel including the electronic motor.

Now you may ask yourself, one wheel in the middle? How would I possibly ride this thing? Won’t I fall off? Won’t this take thousands of hours to learn and master? Easy, Glidecraft used the same technology that helps you balance on the two wheel hover board scooter. This amazing device has a gyroscope which helps keep you suspended using your own body weight. With a few minutes of practice; a novice can take the S600 electronic skateboard out for a spin and go a maximum speed of twelve miles per hour. This all sounded great in theory so we decided to give it a go, and boy was it impressive! Aside from hovering in the air and moving over water, the Glidecraft S600 Hover Skate Board moved effortlessly. It took us only ten minutes to learn how to menuver it and the technology inside did the rest. Now we were too afraid to take it to its full potential because we did not have any safety gear with us.

Our overview on this new gadet is a solid 9.5 out of 10 because they did not bring the Delorean time machine with them! While this new skateboard will probably take some hours to truly master; you don’t need to be an amazing skateboarder to learn how to truly use the Glidecraft effectively. This new gadget from Glidecraft makes the skateboard look like a dial up internet connection. Thanks for tuning in, we will have some more awesome reviews for you guys soon!