Buying any secondhand electronic is a risky move. If it is a major brand, it’s even riskier because of the higher cost of the branded item. Buying a refurbished MacBook Pro for instance, can still setback someone a considerable amount. It may not be as expensive as a new one of course, but it’s still comparatively more expensive than any other brand of laptop – especially in the secondhand market.

So what should one do, when they want to buy a refurbished MacBook Pro, so as not to be scammed out of their money? There has to be some guideline for those who wish to buy a worthy item; but may not have the resources to buy a new one for now.

For them, these following pointers would be sufficient to keep them from buying into a scam and put their money into a worthy investment.

Worthy Reseller

Firstly, make sure you are going to an authorized apple reseller. These guys do a complete background check on each of the MacBook Pros that people come in to sell.

This saves up on the hassle at your end to authenticate sellers. Apple authorizes these stores to buy and sell apple products to ensure quality assurance down the line and to keep their customers happy, even if they are buying a refurbished item.

Secondly, these resellers also refurbish apple products according to company quality assurance guidelines if there are any to be performed. Rest assured, at an authorized dealer, you would get the right product.

Not all Refurbished MacBook Pros are Broken

Some MacBook Pros, especially the newer models, may simply be units that were sold to a customer but returned according to company policy of a 14 day standard period of return for a refund. It could also be the unit that was used as an ex-demonstration unit for Apple teaching programs. Even if the newer model was faulty, Apple would have fixed it and set it up as a refurbished unit at a considerably lower price.

The only way to go about not buying a refurbished MacBook Pro which would be a buyer’s nightmare is to head to an authorized Apple reseller or to Apple’s own refurb store. These places are great for budget buyers who could buy a worthy Apply product for considerably less, while also being subject to getting original accessories, warranty and be covered by AppleCare if buying an official Apple Refurbished MacBook Pro.