Ridaex connects to your entertainment, transforming it into a Smart TV. Ridaex TVs are using smart technology, by expanding the capabilities of your television, turning it into a less powerful version of your computer, to a larger version of your smartphone.Interesting isn’t it? By the way its made in India TV brand.
Ridaex has seen a great success by launching its Nuke Series in the year 2018, by selling approximate 3,00,000+ TV units by competing major smart TV companies like Mi LED TV 4A, VU LED TV, Shinco LED TV, Blaupunkt LED TV, KODAK LED TV.

Ridaex is now going to launch its best budget LED TV 2019, RE PRO Android TV on March 1st 2019. Ridaex RE PRO 43-inch, Ridaex RE PRO 50-inch and Ridaex RE PRO 55-inch are the available models.

RE PRO is powered by Amlogic 905X processor, and runs on Android 6 operating system. The RE PRO 43-inch comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, whereas the 50-inch and 55-inch comes with 2GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. The 43-inch RE PRO is FHD 1080p, whereas the 50-inch and 55-inch is 4K TV.

Ridaex RE PRO 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch features

The Ridaex RE PRO is powered by Amlogic 905X, Amlogic 905X is a chip used for intelligent electronic products. RE PRO come with 16W Dolby speakers for high quality sound output. Ridaex RE PRO 43-inch has 400 nits of brightness, RE PRO 50-inch has 500 nits of brightness and RE PRO 55-inch has 600 nits of brightness.The brightness varies according to the model, so that you get right amount of brightness with a great picture quality. A 4K TV with right amount of brightness is all you need for your entertainment. RE PRO has Android TV Google play enabled with wifi connectivity. It has 2×2.0 USB ports and 1×3.0 USB port. It has 3×2.0 HDMI port (1 HDMI ARC), you can use HDMI ARC to get high-quality audio by connecting external speakers, and a VGA port is available.

Ridaex RE PRO 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch price range

The Ridaex RE PRO 43-inch is priced at Rs. 24,999, RE PRO 50-inch is priced at Rs. 34,999 and RE PRO 55-inch is priced at Rs. 44,999. RE PRO is a made in india budget TV with great features and high quality product. People looking for a TV with great features, standard look and high in quality can grab Ridaex RE PRO. The RE PRO will be available from 1st March 2019 on Ridaex official website and Ridaex retail.