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With the arrival of the iPad, the accessories for this not long in coming. We already have a keyboard, case, cable and many more things that will come later once the iPad is in the market. Specifically we find the following accessories for the iPad that were presented on the same day as the device.

IPad Dock with Keyboard, the price is $ 69, a base and a keyboard dock together, a great idea, but the only thing that is curious because if we have an Apple wireless keyboard, we can make it work well with the iPad.

iPad Case for $ 39 the holster lets you place the iPad in various positions as we are doing with it.


iPad Dock for $ 29, the typical basis for Apple products but now a little bigger.


IPad USB Power Adapter 10W for $ 29. A adapter to connect the iPad to the current.


IPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter for $ 29, the adapter to connect the iPad to a projector or TV with a VGA connection.


AppleCare Protection Plan, the extension of Apple’s warranty to three years with a complete, cost $ 99 for the iPad.


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