iPads have become the latest technology and has captured huge market towards it. iPads have in turn made lives easier and add convenience to our daily lives. Besides the ordinary functions of providing computer like services with additional features there are a lot more new ideas and tricks that you can do with your iPad and can have some great experiences. iPad is one the most versatile product with so many varied features that it has made us technological dependent. Some of the amazing tips and tricks for iPads are as follow:

  1. Connecting it with your TV

Your iPad can be connected with your HDTV and can provide you with some amazing experiences too. The easiest way to use this trick of connecting it your TV is to first buy Apple’s Digital AV adaptor. With the help of this adaptor, you can connect your iPad with your TV. If you have iPad 2 then added benefit is that the TV will mirror the display of the iPad’s. Also using Airplay to work, you can avoid using the Apple TV.

  1. Stream music and videos through  the use of Home Sharing

Now you don’t have to load a complete list of your favorite songs and videos on your iPad. Instead of using more and more space, all you can do is that you can use iTunes home sharing and can stream your music and videos easily without occupying any space. You can stream these from your PC to your iPad. The system of home sharing worked on both windows and Macs so no need to worry if you have windows on your PC. Also you can stream movies from your computer to your iPad.

  1. Watching TV become easier

Instead of getting into fights with your siblings on who will watch the TV, you cane easily watch your favorite TV show on your iPad. There are few ways through which you can also get access to cable television shows and stations. Two ways that can be used include SlingPlayer and Vulkano Flow. These devices can be put into your TV cable which will capture the videos, sounds to your iPad. It works through wifi or 3G.

  1.  Making it a Second Monitor

Your iPad can also be used as a second monitor.  This is one of the finest tricks that you can use with your iPad. All you need to do is install an iDsiplay app which will allow you to use your iPad as a second monitor for your windows PC or your Mac. Thus by doing so you will be able to get hold of 2 screens and your iPad will be used as another monitor too.