The BlackBerry Playbook was released this year. It has been designed specifically for the business professionals. This device has got very excellent multitasking ability, great multimedia features, superb graphics and a fast processor. Using the BlackBerry Playbook, you can finish all your business work in no time. The Playbook runs the BlackBerry’s own operating system. They people who are used to with the BlackBerry’s smartphones will get familiar with the Playbook very quickly.

Improved multitasking


The Playbook has the ability to do all your business tasks quickly. The multitasking feature is quite efficient and you can open several applications at once and switching between will not be a problem for you. There is a preinstalled music player in the tablet along with the GPS and the Adobe Flash 10.1.

Camera quality


As compared to the other tablets, the Playbook has got the best cameras on it. The front camera is of 3MP while the rear facing camera is of 5MP. Along with the video calling capability, these cameras can take photographs and can also record Full HD videos.

The major drawback using the BlackBerry Playbook is that there are not many applications available on the app store on BlackBerry as compared to the wide range of applications offered by the iOS and Android. So, if you want to purchase this application then you should first check on the app store of BlackBerry that if the applications you want to run on your Playbook are really available on the apps store.

Processor and storage


BlackBerry has deployed a dual core 1 GHz processor inside the Playbook. Although the multitasking is quite efficient, some of the applications run very slow and take a lot of time while starting. The Playbook is available in 16, 32 and 64GB.

The BlackBerry Playbook has been designed quite elegantly. The size of the touchscreen is 7 inches while the display resolution is 600 x 1024. The small size of the Playbook makes it quite portable but it also makes the size of the touchscreen quite small.

Battery Life

RIM Blackberry Playbook-2

The Playbook can keep on working for hours and hours for you without running out of battery. In order to check the exact battery timing of the Playbook, we played an MPEG4 video with 65 percent screen brightness and Wi-Fi enabled. The result was amazing as the device kept on working exactly seven hours and one minute. This much of battery life is quite amazing as