Recently, “Archos 80 Titanium” was added to the Titanium series. The device resembles with the iPad mini but the good thing is that this device costs only 130 pounds as compared to iPad which costs 269 pounds, almost double.

Hardware of the device

At first look, you will feel that its design resembles with iPad mini. It is a stylish and a low budget device. The screen is about 8 inches and has some gentle curving edges. As compared to its price, it appears more classic and stylish but is a bit heavier with 440g of weight. The gadget has many ports like for a power socket, MicroUSB and mini HDMI. You can also connect 3.5mm headphone jack. The device has 8GB of memory card space in it which can be upgraded up to 64GB.

It also has a volume rocker and a home button while the controls for home, recent apps and back appear only on its screen, not on its bezel. One more interesting thing, the screen has the same pixel resolution which the iPad mini has i.e. 1,024×768 and this feature is the 80’s main selling point. It has only 2MP camera on its back which has a quite low picture quality but the battery timing is good.

Besides keeping the screen resolution higher, Archos has tried to keep its hardware of such type so that it still remains cheap but also has a good level of performance. Beneath the heavily pixeled screen, there lies a 1.6 dual core processor along with 1GB RAM. Its benchmark score for AnTuTu performance was 10,819 which is quite larger than those tablets which have a single core processor like Lenovo IdeaTab A2107A.

Operating System

Although Android 4.2 is available, the device still runs 4.1 Jelly Bean. The Google search facility is available right from the desktop. The pull down menu, which is an essential part of Android based devices is missing. This pull down menu allows the user to change the status of WI-fi, GPS or Bluetooth easily without going into the settings or somewhere like that. The habitual users of Android will certainly miss this feature. Other than that, the Android implementation on Archos 80 looks like the vanilla version. Among the installed apps, there is OfficeSuite which is quite handy software for opening word and pdf documents.

This device is a perfect choice for the people who want to buy a small sized tablet for normal use but cannot afford to buy the high end devices like iPad mini.