Today we bring the analysis Doxie Go, a complete portable document scanner compatible with the iPad that will allow us digitize our photos and documents wherever we are with a great quality.

We can buy both in the manufacturer’s website for about $ 200 plus shipping (comes from the U.S. and we could have a problem of customs) or Amazon UK for about 147 pounds plus shipping (no doubt the best option to avoid us customs come from England). I made ​​my order at Amazon UK and everything went perfectly, even arrived 4 days earlier than estimated at the beginning.


Before starting with the features I would like to make a small mention of the materials it is built this scanner. Although it is made ​​entirely of plastic this is of high quality, we also found that the upper and lower surfaces have a glossy plastic while the sides are matte. This not only gives it a good look but also give you an extraordinary lightness to the quality and functions that account.


Focusing on the main aspect of a scanner, the image quality achieved is important to note that unlike other lower models of the brand has the ability to scan at 300dpi and 600pp. Or what is the same thing with two different qualities that can vary depending on your needs:

  • The quality of 300dpi (identified with the green light) is higher than we find in any multifunction usually around 200dpi and is perfect for scanning quickly and accurately documents or letters that arrive on paper at our house. To give you an idea of ​​the speed, takes 8 seconds to scan an A4 page and 5 seconds a picture of 4 × 6 “.
  • When we put the scanner 600dpi (identified by the orange light), which is done simply by pressing the power button briefly and the button color changes from green to orange, we lose some speed but, we gain much more than twice as quality. No doubt this is the perfect setup for those who want to digitize those old photos that turn yellow in the albums. In fact quite the scanner I am using for that function and I cannot be happier.

Another quality to highlight about this product is its independence. While most scanners need a computer to carry out the image processing Doxie Go allows us to scan any document without relying on our computer or tablet. Even if we do anything with the images we have to resort to another machine.

With such portability could not miss what is a good battery. Thanks to it we can scan about 100 documents seamlessly without having to rely on a plug. To charge, USB cable features will be plugged into a computer or iPad charger itself, since it does not have a power adapter. Another drawback of this type of charge is that if we want to load and scan at the same times we have to get hold of the power adapter we sell Doxie for $ 10 more. A movement that does not like anything to consumers and we’ve already seen Apple and Nintendo.

While the quality, independence and battery are important in this portable scanner is nothing without a good way to store all that information. And not just one Doxie Go offers 3:


  • Internal Memory: With a capacity of about 600 pages or 1,000 photo quality 300dpi is less recommend the option of the three because we have to connect the scanner directly to the computer and not the option that gives capacity.
  • SD: It’s my preferred option. Like any camera on the market simply have to insert an SD card so that all our newly digitized documents and photos are stored in it. Regarding the capacity of 2GBs surely has enough. It is also necessary if we pass option then all that data to our iPad.
  • Pendrive: It works similar to the SD card with a Pendrive unless we cannot import the scans in our iPad while if we do it on any other computer. It certainly is the most appropriate choice for those who want to scan something and pass it to a teammate for example.