TheXperia Tablet S is quite unique from the previous tablets of Sony. It is a 9.4 inch device which runs the latest Android Icecream Sandwich as an operating system.

Design and body


The Tablet S  is a rectangular black bezeled slate with a simple design. The front side of the slate is quite plain having a front facing camera on the top and a company logo on the upper left corner. Unlike the previous Sony’s tablets, it has got a flatter body rather than having a slanting one. Most of the ports of the device are covered including the SD card slot and the charging port. This is something which was unnecessary in the Tablet S and most of the users have disliked it. The quirky back of the Tablet S makes it comfortable to hold this device in the hands. Most of the weight of Tablet S is distributed to the fold when it is held in landscape mode in the hands. It has got a quite natural grip and it is equally comfortable to hold it in one hand in portrait mode.

Display and Screen


According to Sony, the OptiContrast technique has been used in the Tablet S for keeping the glare on the device to minimum. A low friction coating has been applied on the screen so that the Tablet S should nice while using but in some situations, it rather starts giving a slippery feel. Moreover, due to the slippery keyboard, it becomes difficult to use the software keyboard.  The 9.4 inch screen has got a screen resolution of 1,280 x 800 IPS panel on it. The screen displays nice and crispy images and can run an HD video comfortably.

Rear camera


Although all the tablets have got a camera on their back but the tablets are never good for photography. The pixel quality of the cameras of the tablets is quite low and it is quite difficult to use them in low light conditions. The Tablet S in no exception in this case. The camera of the Tablet S is just a normal camera with no ability for zooming using the volume buttons. Zooming can only be done using the on screen slider which makes the images blurry. The rear camera is of 8MP and you can get nice photos if you focus the device in a proper way. The images are quite clear and have a considerable depth of field in them. The camera application of the device has all the commonly used scene modes along with geotagging.