Introduced in 2008, MacBook Air also known as Mac Air was the Apple’s thinnest notebook. It became one of the bestselling laptops because of the state of the art features. MacBook Air with its specifications also found itself as the first choice of businessmen and travelers. However, there were some certainties about the functionality of the machine but with the passage of time, they were proved to be false.

Some of you might be wondering how come MacBook can be the best laptop for students when Apple hasn’t launched the latest edition in last two years. The simplest answer is that they don’t need to. As long as you can find a MacBook Air, it can be your best partner. Some of the features that make this machine great for students are:

  • Long Battery Life – Students want a laptop that has a longer battery life. MacBook Air lasted amazingly for 14 hours with the Laptop Battery Test which involved surfing the internet. No matter how old model you get, it will provide you a better average battery time as compared to other laptops.
  • Lightweight – Students have to carry their laptops with them to their colleges and educational institutes. Carrying a heavy laptop can be difficult with a bag full of heavy books. MacBook Air is extremely lightweight and thin that easily fits in your backpack.
  • Easy-to-Type Keyboard – MacBook Air offers a very comfortable keyboard that allows you to type as much as you want without getting tired. Each key has a suitable vertical space below that allows easy and convenient typing.
  • Large Display – MacBook Air, as compared to other laptops, has a slightly larger display. The vibrant colors and adjustable brightness make it easier to see even the smaller objects with full clarity.
  • Good Resale Value – MacBook Air still has a great demand in the market. Those who are aware of the benefits and features of this machine are still willing to pay for it. If you want to sell Mac Air, you can easily sell it at a good price.

All these features combined with the sleek look and beautiful design make Mac Air the best notebook around for students. The powerful specifications also make it ideal for businessmen. With some enhancements, you can make this machine a good deal for advanced usages like graphic designing as well.