Sony has updated its Vaio laptop range, which includes some of the most striking and elegant equipment with others who, while not bad, cannot compete with more care models. In return, they have a much more affordable price.

Sony introduced today at Computex computer in your new Vaio and a few hours later showed these teams at an event in Madrid. Understandably this speed, as the company has completely renovated its Vaio, both branded and obviously hardware. Thus, there are now four models: Fit, Tap, Pro and Duo. Tap Fit and technical specifications are somewhat more modest (but are customizable to some extent), while Pro and Duo are more potent. However, the design has been more careful and Tap Duo. This makes the new range of Sony Vaio, which hit the market from the end of June, is somewhat irregular, but this does not preclude some pretty amazing ultrabooks.

The most spectacular of these computers is the Sony Vaio Duo 13 evolution 11 Vaio Duo hit the market less than a year ago. Although technology keeps opening makes transformation from a tablet to a notebook (known as Surf Slider), there have been significant changes in the design. To start, now has a 13-inch screen, despite its larger size, is somewhat thinner (but little). It also has improved the look once opened, with fewer parts and simpler look. The problem is that at first glance does not seem very stable, although it could be a problem of the prototype shown. Also, now available in two colors: white and black.

A level of productivity has two interesting developments: now includes a trackpad (its predecessor only had a pointing stick) and have added a capacitive stylus holder. First, although it is quite small, it is much more useful than the Vaio control system Duo 11. For its part, the support looks flimsy little tough, but we showed Sony models were not final, so this could change.

Sony Vaio 1

Inside there are few configuration options, but at least it includes the fourth generation of Intel processors, Haswell. The RAM can be up to 8GB, while storage is doubled compared to the previous generation and is expandable to 512 GB (SSD).

For its part, the screen has started using other innovations of the divisions of the company, the televisions, so the 1920×1080 panel includes Triluminos technology. The rear camera has also been improved considerably, but ultimately as a tablet using these devices is marginal, so it’s not all that useful. In any case, is there for whoever wants to use. From Sony say the Vaio Duo 13 is the ultrabook market with more autonomy, with up to 15 hours of use.

The problem with this news is affecting the price, which is not exactly cheap: of the 1,500 euros, a figure based rather high, although admittedly more modest setup has some high-end components (except for the 128 GB of storage, which can be very short).

Vaio Pro 13

Another component of the new range of Sony Vaio Pro 13 is the question, according to Sony, the touchscreen ultrabook lightest on the market. Regardless of whether, this exclusive category that makes sense for bestowing this award, the fact is that this laptop is holding surprise.

In addition, lines were caring and have got a sleek and simple, without pretense or ostentation. The weight and design make it be a sober computer and portable enough to be used in any environment, both work and leisure. And components (Haswell processor, up to 4GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage, Intel HD Graphics 4400 …) should respond smoothly.

In this case the base price is set (part of the 1,200 euros), although, again, it overcomes the barrier of 1,000 euros. Sony Vaio 2Those who want more economic team should go to the E or Fit range, which can be found from 520 euros. In this case we talked about traditional laptops, with careful design, but not surprising, and more modest specifications. There is also a version Vaio Fit 15 with top quality materials (aluminum), but this impact on its price (part of the 1,200 euros in touch configuration).

All these computers allow Sony to reach virtually all segments of the market with its Vaio range. However, the experience and the design are not homogeneous. Therefore, users must know the differences between the various models presented by the company (missing the new version of Vaio Tap, the hybrid all in one and a tablet gigantic).