Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is the best tablet for business users with top hardware and exciting new features. The 12.2 inch display tablet is available for users in market in price of $749. What features make this device a pricey slate? Here are some top features including in Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

  • Big Display

In the previous version Note 10.1, we had 10 inch display, but in Note 12.2 we have bigger display as 12.2 inch. The Note touch screen having resolution of 2560x1600pixel and this bigger screen is really a bonus for businessman users. With big screen, they will have more vital space to read emails, running favorite apps and browse web. The tablets with smaller screen sometimes look so cramped for true productivity. The display of Note Pro is pressure sensitive. The built-in Wacom digitizer becomes helpful to detect 1,000 different levels of pressure. This feature makes the use of stylus more accurate as it will point more accurately.

  • Better Multitasking

The multitasking functionality of Note Pro 12.2 became doubled as compared with older versions. It allows the user to run four apps at one time. This is really an awesome feature of this slate because any business can easily keep an eye of his emails and social media feed while searching the web for more work. The user can run four apps simultaneously and screen will divide into four quadrants in which each app will run separately. User can manipulate the positioning of each app according to priority. Obviously, any smaller screen tablet will not let the user facilitate with this kind of functionality and ease.

  • Productivity Software

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is packed with plenty of productivity boosting applications already installed in it. For editing and viewing user documents, there is already installed app called Hancom Office suite. For remotely access to computer, there is app installed for virtual access to your desktop. For sharing screens while video calling, there is amazing app called WebEx. Users also get a variety of prepaid services, which includes Dropbox and Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • Laptop Styled Keyboard

Its reality that only touch screen keyboard is not essential for true productivity. Many users attached Bluetooth keyboard to get the real work done. But in Samsung Note Pro 12.2, there is touch screen keyboard which functions like laptop keyboard. For beginners, there are almost all keys found on the keyboard which includes Ctrl, Tab and Shift buttons with arrow keys. In this slate, you can press two keys together for shortcuts like copy and paste. User can also highlight entire words or line of words at once by holding Shift and Control, just like we did in normal PC. With large screen, virtual typing is more comfortable as compared with other tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is the best companion for businessman. There is octa-core processor for fast processing speed with large display screen.