With the fastest growing technological world, many new devices have been invented for the ease of mankind. IPads are one of the best devices invented ever that have several benefits and great use. Carrying an iPad is a lot easier than carrying a laptop. iPads have dominated the market and have provided its users with amazing experience and convenience. Your iPad is worth hundred times than any device and following are some great uses of it

  1. Surfing on the couch becomes easier: a lot of us have habit of using our mobile phones and laptops while lying on the couch. So the obvious use of iPad is that you can easily surf on the couch. Wanted to know about something, search about a task; then it’s easier with the iPad where you have all the stuff of the world at your fingertips.
  1. Mobile Gaming:  it’s only the iPad that have the ability to use the gyroscope and accelerometers make gaming experience an amazing one. Furthermore, the iPad 2 has added another feature that allows its users to play with augmented reality games that makes gaming exciting and fun. Also, with the value added feature of iPad 3’s retina display it will provide the users to have graphics that can compete with console games.
  1. Get hands on variety of e books:  iPad’s provide its users amazing collection of e books ranging from a broad variety of topics. Apple’s iBooks have collaboration with Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook to provide you with a fantastic collection. Also, it provides its users thus digital books and newspaper can help save your time and money.
  1. Moments to remember:  A bunch of photos on your iPad is easier than to have a bunch on your iPhone. It’s different when you have better display and big screen to capture the perfect moments and to cherish them. Also, storing these hundreds and thousands of photographs is easier on iPad and you can also easily run a slideshow too.
  1. No chances of getting lost: if you think you can’t find your way back if you are lost then no need to worry if you have your iPad with you. Yes, the GPS feature in it helps you to track the locations and keep you away from getting lost. The assisted GPS chip in your iPad will help you to determine locations, search maps.
  1. No Need to get hold of remote:  iPad’s most known use as a portable TV has helped many of us to stay away from fights with siblings and can watch our favorite TV show peacefully. Thus, one can easily watch TV on iPad on his couch, bed or anywhere.