The Xperia Tablet Z is the best tablet by Sony uptill now. It is an Android based device with remarkable functionality. This device is a standard slate having rounded corners. The thickness of Xperia Z is just 6.9mm and weights only 495g. Its thickness and weight are far less than its competitors like Google Nexus 10 and iPad 4. It has a soft-touch plastic rear which makes it easy to hold this device in your hands.

Tablet Z is water and dust resistant


The entire chassis of Tablet Z is sealed which makes it both, dust and water resistant. If you place this device in a meter depth of water for half an hour and then take it out, the device will still be unharmed. The water resistant feature makes this device unique among its competitors. This makes your device safe from water and dust and hence your investment remains well preserved.

Remarkable sound quality

Sony Xperia Tablet Z speakers1

Sony has placed four speaker ports on the Xperia Tablet Z, two at each of its bottom corners. They are oriented on the tablet in such a way that they create a wide cone of sound. When you hold the device, the sound is directed towards your ear by your hands. The audio quality of this tablet is very fine.

Excellent display quality


In order to protect the screen from scratches, a toughened glass is placed on the front side of the tablet. The display size is 10.1 inches and runs Full HD display. The 1,920×1,200 resolution provides you 221pixels per inch. It runs 3D games very well. Its display has a wide range of viewing angles also.The Sony’s Mobile Bravia Engine 2 which was deployed for the first time in the Xperia Z smartphone has also been used in the Tablet Z. It increases contrast, colour sharpness and vibrancy in the snaps and videos. The images look pin sharp on this device and look incredibly clear.

Nice camera features


On the rear camera of Talet Z, the Sony’s Exmor R imaging sensor has been used. It is of 8.1MP and can record 1080p videos. You can also take brust photos and panorama mode is also included in the camera. The tablet also provides many effects which can be applied to the photos. The secondary camera is of 2.2MP which fine for video chat.