If you are looking for a good scanner which not only does good scanning but also able to do many other jobs than I have listed down the top three scanners of 2013.

Canon PIXMA MP230


This printer is very easy to use and very cheap to run. This is a bit noisy printer and another drawback of this printer is that it cannot print borderless photos. Other than that, this printer is very good and can do printing, scanning and copying at a very less cost. Its maximum resolution is 4,800×1,200 dots per inch while the scan resolution is 600×1,200dpi. The electricity consumption of this printer is just 14W. You can also place this printer in standby mode where it consumes 0W of electricity. It is a very simple device and is workable in a home only where you don’t need to have very fine results while scanning. The cost of this scanner is just £30.

Canon ImageFormula P-215


This is another great printer from Canon. This is a portable A4 scanner and is a perfect choice for those mobile workers who need to capture multi-page documents at a time. It is very small sized and also has an Automatic Document Feeder in it which is usually found on full-sized scanners.

The P-215 ImageFormulla of this device has the capability to scan both sides of any paper stack at  once. Its software then automatically removes if any blank pages among the scanned pages and also reorients the upside-down pages. The P-215 ImageFormula also has the capability to turn a document into PDF where you can search for text in the PDF document also. This scanner has the capability for scanning hard plastic cards like ID cards and driving licenses. It is very easy to set up this scanner and you just have to connect this device with USB and is ready to work.

HP Officejet Pro X576dw


It is a very fast and economical scanner which produces very fine results. The scan resolution of this scanner is 2,400×1,200 dots per inch. There is also an inkjet printer inside it which can print more than one page per second. It uses much less power and is much cheaper to run. Its printing speed is 70ppm at the draft settings which is comparable to a departmental laser printer. It can be connected via USB or Ethernet port. Moreover, you can also connect to it by wireless giving you rid of those long wires.