Ultra HD TV vs a Full HD TV

Many people are trying to upgrade their TVs to Full HD sets for experiencing a 1,920×1080 resolution by thinking that these are the ultimate resolution TVs available in the market. On the other hand, the Ultra HD TVs have also started occupying the market shelves. These TVs have a double resolution of a Full HD TV i.e. 3,840 x 2,160. This means that these TVs will display even finer and realistic images. These TVs are also called 4K TVs due to their huge resolution power.

LG Ultra HD TV

The LG 84LM960V is the latest Full HD TV available in the market. It is a huge TV but in design, it looks similar to the other LG TVs. This TV has got as much as four HDMI ports along with VGA and composite inputs and an Ehternet port. The TV has three USB ports and has got both satellite as well as terrestrial aerials for television broadcast. These ports are more than enough for connecting your all devices with it.

On-screen interface of the TV

The on-screen interface is the same as you will find on any mainstream LG TV. The 84LM960 has the same icons, fonts and the menu layouts as the other mainstream TVs by LG. As this is the LG’s first Ultra HD TV, LG has not gone for changing the on-screen interface of the TV. You can watch the video of your choice from Netflix or LoveFilm or can watch catch-up TV through the BBC iPlayer.

The advantages of using an Ultra HD resolution TV become visible as soon as you sit in front of the TV. The TV displays a sheer amount of detail of every element of an image. The landscape shots look even more incredible and realistic. This TV has very vibrant colors an you will have to reduce the color temperature for experiencing a more realistic video.

The 84LM960 has got a local backlight dimming function which automatically adjusts the level and sharpness of the backlight. It is always good to have enabled this function. Without having this function enabled, the place where the image should have been black appear to be more cloudy grey.

Gaming on Ultra HD TV


The gaming experience on this 4k screen will be an even more delighted one. However you will need a powerful graphics card like Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan or AMD Radeon HD 7990 for using the 84LM960 for gaming.

 A sad thing is that the Ultra HD content is not available right now and chances of its arrival in the current year are quite low. Moreover, this TV is quite expensive and is of monster size. However, the 84LM960 is a nice addition to the world of TVs and we can hope that Ultra HD would become a standard in TVs in one or two years.