The Samsung PN60F8500 is a TV which can easily be declared the best TV in 2013. Although the Ultra HD TVs and OLED TVs are now available in the market but it people seem to be reluctant to buy them because there is a very little content available for them and also because they are quite expensive.

Design of Samsung PN60F8500



Samsung PN60F8500 is the best plasma screen released up till now. The design of the TV is quite elegant. The stand of the TV is quite attractive and decently designed but most of the people like to see their TVs mounted on the wall instead of placing them on a stand. The rest of the design specs of the TV are:

  • Width is 54.9″
  • Height is 32.7″
  • Depth is 2.24″
  • Weight is 64.4 lbs.
  • Available in only black colour
  • Stand is non-rotatable
  • Weight with stand is 71.4 lbs.
  • Screen type is plasma display
Three ways of operating

This TV can be operated by remote control, gestures and even by voice recognition. People would like to control their TV using remote and gesture only because it is quite difficult to speak out loudly to give commands to your TV. There is a clickable trackpad on the remote control. You just swipe on the remote and the next channel in turned on. Longer swipes results in longer jumps while shorter jumps result in incremental steps. There are very few buttons on the remote control and it will be a bit difficult for the traditional remote users to get used to it.

Performance of the TV

 The performance of the Samsung PN60F8500 is quite high. The contrast level of the TV is quite high. The black colour is displayed quite nicely. There are also settings for making the black colour even darker. The screen of the TV has been designed in such a way that it does not reflect back the light falling on it and absorbs the incident light and hence the video quality is not affected. The 3D display is also quite good and you can surely set up a home cinema with it. The features related to the display quality are listed below

  • The size of the screen is 59.9″
  • Aspect ratio is 16:9
  • The horizontal resolution is 1920p
  • The vertical resolution is 1080p
  • Maximum resolution is 1080p
  • Maximum fresh rate of the screen is 600Hz
  • The screen is also 3D enabled.