They experts say that amongst the top LED TVs available in the market today the best one is the  Sony Bravia XBR-HX950. Although it has a higher price tag as compared to the TVs of the similar specs but the HS950 shows excellent video quality and has many unique features which lack in its contemporary TVs. According to the experts, the HX950 is at the top amongst all other TV series. 

 Simple but stylish design


The HX950 has got a monolithic stylish design. Although the design is quite simple in which a Gorilla Glass screen has been mounted on a black body but it looks quite stylish. It also has a ring shaped stand which is quite unique and has been liked by the critics. The screen is glossy but does not suffer from the reflections from the surroundings. There are four HDMI ports and two USB ports in it. A disappointing thing is that it like the Sony’s previous models, it does not have the RS-232C port.

Some of the physical specifications of the 55 inch model of HX950 are given below.

  • Height : 32.64 in
  • Width  :  50.39in
  • Depth  :  14.53in (with stand)
  • Depth  :  1.9 (without stand)
  • Weight:  59 lbs
  • Wall mountable : yes
  • Wall Bracket Included : no
Display and audio quality


The most deciding feature in the quality of TVs is the quality of colours displayed. The HX950 displays colours in a perfect manner. Most of the TVs have a problem with the black colour and instead they display greyish colour but the HX950 displays the black colour with equal elegance as it does with the other colours.

The 3D feature of the HX950 is also very good but there are certain situations in which the it creeps. It produces a slight effect when it displays white images on grey background. One major setback to the buyers is that the 3D glasses are not included in its price package, you will have to buy them separately.

Web browsing


It also shows plenty of streaming content, including the major providers like Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus and Netflix. You can easily connect your TV to the internet via WI-Fi. Its browser is a bit difficult to use and is a slow also but this is not a new problem with TV sets. All the major TV sets are not quite good at web browsing and this is where the TV manufacturers should concentrate also.

Although the HX950 is expensive but is a top performer. Its price tag raises concerns when you hear that the package does not include wall bracket and 3D glasses but if you compare its performance with any other contemporary TV, you will feel that the HX950 is worth buying.