Sony has finally launched its first ever 4K TV which is an 84-incher in screen size. The price tag of the 4K TV says that only an Ecclestone could love, but it offers amazing image quality.

Features of Sony’s 4K TV

  • Size of Screen: 84 inches
  • Resolution: 4K, 3840 x 2160
  • Ratio of Contrast: Sony Officials claims it’s resolution to be over One Million
  • Tuners: Free View HD
  • Speakers: 50W (12.5W x 4)
  • EPG: Freeview HD for 7-day
  • CI slot: Yes
  • Software update: OTA
  • SD out/in: 1 x Scart (via adaptor), 2 x USB,
  • HD in: 4 x HDMI v1.4 (two 4K compatible), component video
  • Audio out: stereo phono, digital optical audio, headphones jack
  • Audio in: 2 x stereo phono
  • Data: USB 2.0, Ethernet, integrated Wi-Fi

Ultra images

Some of the exciting features of Sony 4K are that its picture quality is amazing. As a test case, to access the screen with instinctive 4K content, a server pre-loaded with particularly prepared content was utilized. This was holding a variety of specimen landscape footage, along with a sequence provided with the Berlin Philharmonic shot on Sony’s fresh F65 CineAlta 4K digital cinema camera.  And as a result, the TV literally provided an ultra-HD window on the show.

While the great unwashed, a user can only dream of such video sharpness, with Sony 4K the digital still imagery has now overall become handier. It is not less than a revelation or a divine miracle that now the users can view their pictures in 4K resolution on a monster screen like that of Sony 4K. As the 4K upgrade to the PS3’s PlayMemories Studio software, very soon, will make inspecting of the high resolution imageries even easier as compared to the previous experiences. The TV set arises with certain landscape demo JPEGs embedded in it.

Well as long as 4K doesn’t kicks off, much more is dangling on what the KD-84X9005 will do with Full HD pictures. But yes, a short reply of this could be simply everything and nothing…


Taking care of 4K branded XCA8-4K chip; it is amalgamated here with the identical X-Reality PRO silicon which is found lower down the BRAVIA tree, it is responsible for cleaning-up of image and Full HD up scaling of the image.

Along with this, the high-powered processor is competent enough to segregate and exploit any residual high frequency content that is intrinsic in HD satellite transmissions and encodes of Blu-ray. Additional feature is that in the case of presence of any signal information, the TV simply puts that on the screen and hence, the outcome is uncannily identical to native 4K content. The footage originally shot on 4K cameras will be comprised of this high-frequency jam to a superior or inferior degree. However if content is deficient this additional information, maybe because it was shot on a 2K camera or grasped from a 2K film scan, the TV doesn’t really do anything beyond scaling of the image to the panel. As a result, there is no noteworthy alteration in image quality, density of bar pixel, among what you will appreciate here and on a large Full HD TV.

Inevitably, here in the case of Sony 4K, image distance and picture resolution are narrowly associated with each other. And so, one advantage of having a 4K 84in display is that the user can get closer devoid of seeing any pixel grid structure. Since this 4K has four times greater the pixel density, so, there is no overt grid.

Another distinguished feature of 4K is that this display can be viewed contentedly from a distance of 1.5m, which would ultimately take the users into a cinematic experience.


It is also to be noted that this is also the first Sony TV which we have seen to squeeze Passive, rather than Active Shutter, 3D. Sony had actually previously launched Passive HD TVs into the Chinese market about a year ago, which was followed by a panel deal with a LG Display, but it has been biding its time in other regions. Now, the good news is that the 3D performance here is magnificent; while Passive, the set is capable enough of delivering a Full HD 3D image without any overt crosstalk concerns.

The TV’s sound system has also been overhauled. Two front-facing stereo speakers standing at a distance from the bodywork can be toed-in as per the requirement of the users. The speakers are powered by a 50W digital amp and a sound spectacular.


On a final note, it can be simply concluded that the Sony KD-84X9005 is irrefutably delicious. With built-in 4K images, the Sony 4K TV set guises enhanced than the any other consumer TV introduced before it.