GreatShield PowerTank 10400 mAh Capacity External Battery Charger Pack

If you are using Smart phones or a tablet for your personal as well as office use, then you might be experiencing battery recharge problem which is very common in these devices. Every device has a battery which allows you to use that battery for up to a specific time. And this think irritates so much. Although many companies are working to give you maximum battery life for as long as they can but whatever duration that battery will give you in the end it will ask you to recharge it back. We have a better solution in this regard in the shape of GreatShield PowerTank 10400 mAh external battery charger pack which helps you to recharge your battery anytime anywhere. This device can help you to charge your Cell Phones and Tablets with some other portable electronics that supports USB chargers. This is a Metal Casing device with built-in short circuit, over-charge and over-heat protection which ensures your battery as well as device’s safety for a long time. There are three LED lights that works as a charge indicator to show how much charge is require or what the current charging status is right now.

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GreatShield PowerTube External Battery Pack Portable Charger

If you are worried about your smart phone’s battery life or about your iPod or other battery supported electronics, then we have a better deal for you to remedy this problem. This is a fast world where everyone is in the hurry for going somewhere and you have no much time for charging battery again and again. Everyone is using some kind of device and it helps them to stay up dated with current affairs or to stay connected with their friends and family while working on a distant location. Even you might be using some kind of device right now like a cell phone or a tablet or maybe laptop for managing your personal data. And you must be aware of the situation when you see “Please Charge You Battery” some kind of similar text on you device’s screen. We suggest you to use GreatShield PowerTube external battery pack to charge your devices when you are out of home or you are at a distance from your charger or may be from power socket. This charger possesses a 2600mAh battery capacity and helps you to charge your cell phones, iPods or any other electronics. It also works as a stand or holder when you don’t want to use your hand while using your smart phone for a video chat or may be watching a movie or song on it.

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