Commuters these days are choosing electric options. From scooters to e-bikes to electric skateboards. In this post, we’re going to look at the reasons why more and more commuters are choosing an electric skateboard for their commuting needs.

  • Compared to electric bikes and scooters, an electric skateboard is a bargain option. If you want to buy an electric skateboard, you can choose from several different price points, from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.
  • Compared to scooters, it goes a lot faster. Compared to bikes, speed is a bit slower. For those looking for a bit more kick than a scooter, it’s great.
  • Easy to Carry. Many electric skateboards come with handles or can be comfortably carried under the arm.
  • Can DIY. Scooters and electric bikes are generally not available for DIY projects, while many electric skateboard companies sell just decks or DIY kits for enthusiasts.
  • Built for Commuting. While not all electric skateboards are designed for commuting, most boards come with very large wheels that help navigate bumps. That said, there are also boards built for commuters with large wheels.
  • Scooters and bikes are bulky and will definitely turn heads if you try to take one on a train or bus. Electric skateboards look similar to a regular skateboard and therefore will be less restricted.
  • Sweat Free Commute. Regular skateboards need you to push and exert a lot of force. If you replace your skateboard commute with an electric skateboard you’ll really save a lot of effort. The same goes for if you are currently biking or walking – electrifying your commute will reduce sweat.
  • Have fun while you commute. No more sitting in the car, staring out the window or scrolling your phone. Enjoy the world around you as you move from place to place.
  • Save the Environment. Every time you use an electric skateboard instead of a car you are saving the environment. Electric skateboards have 0 emissions!
  • If you like to be on top of the latest electric sports trends then you’ll have to try an electric skateboard. Be the first in your neighborhood to turn heads with this fast, fun, and trendy sport.

Whether you have 10 kilometers or 10 minutes of riding, an electric skateboard can make your daily commute a delight. When choosing to buy an electric skateboard online for your commute, we recommend writing down your eskateboard needs (weight limit, distance, charge time) before you shop. Happy riding!