Let’s face it; very few of us actually enjoy the act of cleaning but it is something that has to be done. The good news though is that everything is made better and easier with a gadget to help you out and this can even be applied to the boring task of cleaning. Even cleaners that clean for a living would love the aid of a helpful gadget and there is plenty out there to get you in the mood for that much needed spring clean.

The thing is with cleaning that once you get started it quickly becomes a cathartic experience and one that you want to continue; it’s just getting started that’s the hard bit. Here are five cool gadgets to get you motivated on the cleaning front.

Dyson Animal DC39 

Vacuum cleaner manufacturers Dyson have been a leading light in the cleaning game for years now and their researchers and scientists have come up with an even more efficient way of cleaning those carpets. This is especially great for pet owners or people that suffer from allergies as its low centre of gravity and cutting edge ‘ball’ design help you to reach all those forgotten about areas. The price tag may make you want to pull a few hairs out yourself though but I never said keeping a clean home would be cheap. The Dyson DC39 will be your very own contract cleaner.

Spinning Toilet Brush

Without doubt, the worst part of any cleaning ritual is having to clean the inside of the toilet. So why not limit the amount of time you have to have your head in a precarious position with this handy motorised toilet brush. It spins around meaning you don’t have to scrub so hard either; just don’t get too close or you may regret ever discovering this device.

spinning toilet brush

Portable Cleaning 

Do you ever wonder just how many germs we carry around on the things we use every day? Your mobile phone, tooth brush and just about any other hand held instrument could be teeming with harmful bacteria. Never fear though because there are products on the market that can help eliminate this problem by sanitizing your things using UV light. UV light gets a bad press with all the skin damage news but it’s attempting to pay us back in sanitation. These nifty toys aren’t expensive either and usually range between 20 and 40 pounds.

The Smash Can

Isn’t it horrible when your bin gets full but you know there’s room for more and so you feel the need to plunge your hand or foot into it and squash everything down? Well now you can save your arm or leg from the germ ridden experience with a bin that has a lid to do this job for you. When the bin gets full simply squash it down using the Smash Can lid and you’re good to go for a few more days.

smash can


I know that dirt and clutter doesn’t just confine itself to your home; it follows you to work too. So with that in mind here is a device that will help you keep your desk clean and tidy. The NeatDesk will turn all of the papers and files that litter your work space into digital versions by scanning them and storing them in its files. Don’t worry though as they are easy to find again should you need them via the NeatDesk’s character recognition software. I had an office cleaner in Bristol once that would helpfully tidy my desk for me so I can’t help thinking this might put her out of a job. However you can also use this desk friend at home to help store receipts and billing information so that they never have to clog up your bag or kitchen counter again.

Post contributed by Chris Mayhew. He is working for Creese Cleaning Contractors and wants to get everyone enjoying their cleaning. If you really can’t get motivated though, why not get them to do it for you.