Shooting a handgun is not as simple as one might think especially if they do not wear the right clothes. One has to ensure that what they wear does not hold them back or else it would only become complicated to shoot a handgun. There are many reasons why we like to use a handgun such as to let go of our emotions or let loose. Whatever your reason might be, it is important to wear the ultimate wearable that monitors, enhances, and challenges your handgun shooting skills.

Why you need to wear AimSteady – The Ultimate Wearable Marksmanship Coach?


There is a reason why AimSteady has quickly become the ultimate wearable marksmanship coach and here are some of the reasons why you need to get one if you want to take your handgun skills to the next level.

Harder Grip

When you wear the AimSteady, it helps you grip the handgun with the right amount of pressure from both of your hands and help grip it hard. You will be able to grip the handgun up to 25 percent more than you grip it now. It doesn’t matter if you’re right handed or left handed because when you wear the AimSteady, the whole process of gripping a handgun will come more naturally to you and this will make the entire process much exciting for you.

Helps With Your Aim

Not all of us are talented with perfect eyesight or aim and that is why it is important to have something to wear which helps with our aim and that is exactly what AimSteady does. It aids with your aim, making it much easier to shoot that hole you have always wanted to shoot but couldn’t.

One of a Kind

AimSteady is truly the world’s first wearable marksmanship coach which has been specifically designed to capture information during the entire process of each shoot. The ring-shaped wearable is equipped with motion-analysis which helps with detecting errors, recovery time and grip stability. These all determine how one shoots which is why when someone wears the AimSteady wearable marksmanship coach, it improves their shooting skills and helps take you to the professional level.


The best thing about the AimSteady wearable marksmanship coach is the fact that it the ring wirelessly connects with your smartphone and even has an app that helps provide you with real-time feedback and show trends of the improvements made.