We all know geek is the new chic so why not add some new geeky gadgets to your home, for a look that makes Star Trek: The New Generation look tired and dated. Let us take a tour over 5 new home additions that will set your homes phasers to stunning.

1) Transparent Television

The latest offering from designer Michael Friebe this beauty really adds something different to your living room. Bleeding edge TOLED display gadgetry is fused with an elegant simplistic design in what could be considered a triumph of modern ergonomics. Whilst it is virtually invisible whilst turned off, the moment those moving images are needed, a high quality picture to rival the best flatscreens on the market appears.It’s on my Christmas list!


2) The Sony Eclipse

As evidenced by the solar-related name this lightweight media player is fully powered by the great Sol star. What’s better is that the solar panels are blue, and we all know blue is the most high tech colour. The general idea of this Nguyen design is very simple, you attach the Eclipse to a sunny window and never worry about batteries or charging again. One of our Aberdeen Electricians recently installed this with great success.  With full bluetooth integration you can stream whatever music and podcasts you like then blare them through the high quality built-in speakers. I’m not sure how useful that actually is but hey, blue solar panels!


3) The Orbital Washing Machine

I know you’ve been waiting for the remote minigun towers, complete with night vision to keep those damn cats off the lawn, but it’s not coming. I promise you this is more useful anyway, it’s a genuine revolution in washing clothes. Excited yet? The latest innovation in the washing machine arena utilises a spherical cage meaning the wash occurs on two axes rather than one. That means double the washing ability, probably. The best thing about the cage though is the absolute ease of loading and unloading, no more ruining your spine as you attempt to squeeze one more towel in.


4) Floorplan Lighting Panel

Finally, everyone has been waiting for this one for years! Nothing too complex here, just a very easy-to-use panel that displays a floorplan of your home. Press the room on the plan and it will be illuminated on the plan, and more importantly, in real life too. Created by designer Taewon Hwang it has all the makings of an instant design classic, it’s simple, it’s customised to your home and its in all the sci-fi films already.


5) Integrated Home Systems

So you were tempted by the Floorplan Lighting Panel? Well it’s only the beginning my friends, there are several specialist companies that offer the complete package. Lighting, utility data, CCTV feeds, film, music, blinds, gate and door locking… if you can link it to a wire, you can integrate it. There is only one small problem, it seems that whilst voice operated systems are available not one company offers a sultry female voiced computer personalityfor their system. Oh the future, where are you? Whilst the specialist companies offering the home systems are out there, the prices are very high so it may be another ten years until we see real home integration hitting the domestic market.


This article was written by David Hamer, who works for Aberdeen Electricians ProServUK.com  If you need an Aberdeen based electrician to install some gadgets in your home, why not contact them!