Since the creation of Google Inc. there are so many changes that have changed our lives completely as it was before the Google. We are totally changed race as compare to the 20 years ago people living all around the globe. The change is good in many ways like we are more accurate in our knowledge and if not, then we can easily get the help from Google to search that specific piece of knowledge in just few minutes. Google is committed to bring interesting and fascinating products in our simple and ordinary life to make it look quite spicy and fast.

 Google Glass Frames

Frames with Prescription Lenses:

Google Glass that has been introduced back in 2012 is a center of attraction in many regions all around the world and everyone is waiting for it desperately that Google release it officially and they can enjoy the best features of this product. To give you an advanced and handy feature through Google’s product, now Google offers normal frames that can be used with prescription lenses. For the purpose of convenience and less burden the new range of frames has been offered to a specific group of people for testing purpose. However the official date for Google Glass is still not made publicly.

Frame Designs:

These frames are made in four different styles to use with your regular glasses like you can choose from bold, thin, curve and split design of the glasses for your common use and it looks perfect. The new design doesn’t carry too much weight and you can easily wear it without looking awkward. This designed range of frame is made to coup with latest fashion trends so that wearer can feel great and up to date while using the product.

Price and Color Range:

The Google Glass with Titanium frame can be acquired for only $225 or 136 pounds and sunglasses costs around $150 or just 90 pounds. The new Google Glass offers in five different color range so that you can pick the perfect shade to wear with your matching wardrobe. The colors that are being offered by Google Glass are Charcoal, Shale, Sky, Cotton and Tangerine that comes with split frame and there are 40 different shades in Titanium Glass frame for wearer that is a quite large range of color’s variety.

According to Google Glass’s senior designer Isabelle Olsson Google Glass is aimed to be used by as many people as possible all around the world.