Have you ever felt that the QWERTY keyboard layout is inefficient? Well, you will not be the only one. There are many people who share the same thought. QWERTY keyboard was introduced in 1873 by Christopher Latham Sholes for typewriters.

At that time, typewriters were facing a problem of mechanical rods joining together as some writers were typing extremely fast. To get rid of this problem and slow down the speed, QWERTY format was designed.

It is one of the things that has not changed over the years. Even after 143 years, we still use this same layout. We believe that its time to bring a change in the layout of the keyboard. There have been many attempts to change the layout of keyboards including Dvorak and Colemark. However, not all these changes helped in increasing productivity and efficiency.

KWIK Keyboard is an efficient keyboard that will replace the outdated QWERTY. Here are the reasons why you should shift to KWIK keyboard.

Reasons for Not Using QWERTY Keyboard

There are several reasons for no using QWERTY keyboard. Have a look some of the most compelling ones.

  • People believe QWERTY layout increases the speed of the typing. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. It causes hindrance inefficiency.
  • Another reason why you need to shift to a new layout is the infrequency of the keys. The letter on the home row, starting from A and ending with L, are used less. Since our fingers rest in this row, it must contain letters that we use a lot when typing. So, we will not have to move so much when typing most words. However, this row has letters that are used less than 20%.
  • This keyboard layout has a disproportionate dependency on the left hand. We type mostly using our left hand; not only this, but there is also an imbalance between individual fingers. This is because some letters are over-utilized while others are under-utilized.

Perfect for Increasing Efficiency

The best solution for increasing efficiency and typing speed is by introducing a new keyboard layout. We have come up with this amazing KWIK keyboard to increase productivity. Not only this promotes efficiency, but it is also easy to learn.

When you place your hands on this keyboard, you can create a 60 degrees angle. The keys are designed in the pattern of fingertips. For more information about KWIK keyboard, visit the site.

Therefore, it is high time when we should move away from the traditional QWERTY keyboard that only slows down our typing speed. Back when it was designed, there was a problem of mechanical rods getting attached because of fast typing. In order to eliminate this problem and slowing down the speed of typing, a QWERTY layout keyboard was introduced. If you are tired of this layout and want to improve typing speed and productivity, KWIK keyboard is the right option. So, visit the page and show your support for the KWIK keyboard and get rid of this 150 years old scourge.