In the current epoch of evolution, it is necessary to remain tech savvy for fully utilizing the latest innovations. Although the below discussed gadgets are not handy for all except for nerds but, to be the first to embrace the evolving change and to stand out of rest, these apps can be proved very useful.


SafeSound is one of the famous designers of innovative accessories; they feel contentment by innovating unique designs and gadgets. Their latest innovation is Airbudz, which helps the ambient noise in. Well, these ear buds are the first-ever alternative solution and helps the listener to hear what else is going on around without remaining restricted to own world. Now, with Airbudz you can feel free and listen to your songs anywhere and anyplace without any fear of disconnected from world.


USB Mug Warmer

Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer is one of few innovations that can be proved to be highly useful. Most of the people often face the problem of getting their coffee, tea or milk cold. The fear of the drink getting cold makes one tense.  Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer solves the problem of getting your coffee or tea cold. This cup warmer comes in the shape of an Oreo cookie, powered with USB. You simply have to put your cup on the cookie and your drink will remain hot as long as you wish. It will ensure that your coffee remains at the temperature up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer is available at low price of $12.



Have you ever regret going somewhere but not able to record the moments you experienced. Well, now ther is no need to regret over past, as your future is bright. With MeCam, you can capture spontaneous and memorable moments using a small hands-free video camera. This handy cam can be placed anywhere like pinning on shirt, tie and wearing as necklace or ring. This cam can be proved to be the best first person video recorder. You can go anywhere and any restricted placed, without being caught.


The MeCam is weightless and measure under two inches. The best thing about this camera is that it is not some ordinary VGA camera, but it is the ultimate HD recorder. It is powered by lithium-ion battery and gives 80 minutes of non-stop run time and up to 4 hours of video storage.